What is hands down the scariest movie you have ever seen?

I absolutely adore horror and respect the fact that I might be desentisized to being actually scared by them, as I tend to watch one every night and have done so every night. Regardless, it's my favourite genre by a good mile.

I'm still hoping for that feeling when a movie hits you in the nerve and catches you off guard, maybe even creeps into your thoughts later when you're in bed.

So I turn to you my fellow horror fans, what are the movies you have found to be the scariest?

I personally have been most moved and terrified by The Grudge 2004 remake back when I was a teen, Shutter (thai), Halloween, Blair Witch Project, The Descent, It Follows and Hereditary, so kinda everything works for me, except maybe overtly excessive gore. Gimme your best shot!

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Awesome: Man Goes Off On His Wife After She Kept Harassing A Black Couple

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If the DD involves a “short squeeze”… ignore it. Stop. Get help. Learn to use your brain.

I’m just an autist that wants to help my fellow dudes make money. Have I been guilty of this in the past? Absolutely. In my post history you’ll definitely find me shilling for CLOV. Stupid piece of shit CLOV.

Turns out, you’ll find most of these stocks are shorted FOR A REASON. THEY SUCK ASS. THINK YOU DAMN APES, THINK.

AMC and GME actually did squeeze. But those are RARE exceptions. And they totally poisoned this sub with a bunch of Neanderthals looking for the next short squeeze. Stop. Get help. It feels like we’ve had 5 years worth of short squeezes in the last few months. It’s over.

Why should you listen to a random nobody yelling at you on the internet? Because. People are making money out there while you baghold these crap stocks. SPY at an all time high. You coulda made more $$ playing Microsoft or Apple.

Or actually, don’t stop. Lose your money please. And then fuck off to your lonely 9-5 daily cocksucking for that $500 weekly paycheck. And never come to this sub again. So I don’t have to read your bullshit. I just want to wake up, pull out my phone, and not see your dumb ass. Your wife/girlfriend however is invited.

So, want to know why your “short squeeze” DD isn’t working?! Here’s the difference- AMC and GME are household names. If you want retail to pile on? It’s gotta be a household name. Retail loves nostalgia. They love familiarity.

So is it a retail squeeze, or can you get the big bois on board? Here’s some facts for ya- they don’t need your shit DD. They have Bloomberg Terminals. They have 100x more data than we do, and they see it before we do, in real time, and they play market rotations and earnings. They’re not googling 1 week old short interest data. They got the real time shit. They play this game on another level. And if you can’t get them on board, and the stock isn’t a household name, then you fucked up.

So this is what I’m saying- I blame all you fucks for missing plays like NKE last week.

Come on. NKE was a fucking given. It was written on the wall in neon letters and most of us missed it.

TL;DR- want to make money? You can be a millionaire without ever touching a short squeeze.

Fucking rookie ass bitches.


Somehow my rant, which I thought would get me banned or downvoted to hell, has made it to the top in just a few hours.

Sure, the comments are trying to wreck me. I also got a Reddit admin notice asking if I need mental health help lmao. Got a good chuckle out of that one. Fucking trolls.

But you can see this is a place where we can still say fuck this short interest bullshit. And we can still find others who agree. I’m ok with conflict as long as nobody gets banned or their comments deleted.

When you try to have a counter opinion on most subreddits you get insta-banned. So I’m just happy we have some freedom to talk shit here and disagree openly. It’s fun. Appreciate it you cunts.

I know it won’t stop the shilling but 🤷🏻‍♂️. Let’s get some real fucking DD in here. Fuck short squeezes. It’s too easy for people to come in and manipulate this crowd on SI news.

FINAL EDIT- mods flair me. What’s it take? Who’s dick I gotta suck?

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The Europeans on America starter pack

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[Image] The invisible hand of discipline.

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Good to see one of the most influential person on social media sharing unedited body pics. She looks absolutely amazing.

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My wife has eyeliner I keep mistaking for a battery

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Not sitting still

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Remember your neighbors. Your personal fireworks fun might not be their fun.

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Sometimes you have a bad day and just have to tell someone to f*ck off.

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