Inattentive house-thief gets what's coming to him.

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He flipped on me, left me alone in the woods, and is now trying to apologize.

Long long story as short as I can make it:

We went camping. It has been a long since I could. I was so excited. Had everything packed- even meal prepped food for dinner so it was easy to warm up if we had a few too many. Well.... he did. And it got ugly.

I fell asleep in my hammock around 3. We had a plan- make dinner at 5, then go get more wood bc we were almost out. When I laid down he said he was going to forage for dead wood. Great.

I wake up at 5 and there's this HUUUGE fire he built. All proud with a puffed up chest he's like, "see all I gathered?" I look at the ground and there's nothing. I ask if everything on the fire is what he found and he says yes. Wtf? I tell him I can't put a grate over that (3 feet high with logs that hang over the side with 12 foot flames) and he LOSES IT.

Decides to leave, angry. Only thing I said was "who does this?!" as he's busy tearing up the tent to get his shit. He dumps the one cooler he owned onto the ground and straight up LEFT ME THERE. No car, no light (he took them out of malicious intent) and my phone was dead on a non electric site. It was getting dark so I had to scurry and get the food I could fit into my cooler before the animals came out. Jar of pickles shattered. Put the dry food (bread, chips, etc) into my tent. Dark came quickly.

I was surrounded until dawn by a dozen raccoons and they weren't playing. Standing on their back legs, hissing at me, lunging for my feet. I ended up back to a tree fighting those fuckers all night with a stick on fire. There are bears in those woods and that's my biggest phobia. I was terrified. Crying and panicking, I heard a growl in the woods. I just stood there frozen, I was so damn scared ya'll.

This son of a cunt tried to show up at 7am the next day telling me, "if you apologize for the mean way you treated me I'll take you home. " BITCH NOW THAT THE DAY BROKE YOU WANNA HELP?! I told that bastard to kick rocks and waited for my mom to come around noon. I left the site with 2 days paid still on it. Wasnt going to fight those fucks again. And fuck that bear I heard.

I have completely cut contact with him but he owes me money. I do have a bunch of his expensive disc golf bullshit that he left here- which he's not getting until he pays me back. Petty or not, I spent like 600 bucks on everything to do with this trip and he paid zero bc he lost his job. I was just trying to do something nice for him bc I badly wanted to go. Instead I get left in the dark with no communication device, no light, and have to fight off wild animals. No asshole, you can't come sweeping in and fix it. This will never be fixable.

Sorry for the rant but I didn't know where else to post this. fuck that dude.

Edit: I've called the police on him and his officer.

Edit 2: got a rabies shot just a few hours ago. I seem to be just fine. Thank you so for the awards, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of the replies, but im trying to get to everyone and I sincerely appreciate all of your kind words. Thank you to everyone!

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Need to vent

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Ken Griffin Crime - upvote so this shows up when someone googles “Ken Griffin crime.”

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My new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! Still trying to come up with a name for him

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A customer sent Amazon this video of me making a delivery with the Skeleton assist!

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TIFU by telling my wife I support the option of abortion for our possible 3rd child.

Throw away account.

Last night I got a text at work with a picture attached of a pregnancy test with the faintest hint of a second line appearing. For those who don’t know, the second line on this specific test means shes pregnant. So I immediately started stressing out and think about money, time, and the amount of work id have to do to support a 3rd.

Now, I absolutely love my other 2 kids, but it is a lot of work. I don’t think I could mentally handle another child at this point. Shes been on birth control for a few months to prevent this, and it was effective for years before we had our first child, which WAS planned. Both were planned. Its a very small chance still shes actually pregnant, but the situation still stands.

I asked why she took a pregnancy test in the first place, just out of curiosity. Then, I said that we should talk about our options now just incase she does turn out to he pregnant. Now, I never actually said anything about an abortion. She started off by saying shes not getting an abortion unless the baby is threatening her life. I respond to that with, “We just can’t have another one, I don’t think I can emotionally handle it.”

Now today she is acting all pissed off at me, but the kind of pissed where she just stays quiet. I asked whats wrong and she replied with, “Are we really going to pretend that what happened last night didn’t happen?” So now I don’t know what to do because she won’t just accept my stance on abortions. I’m not trying to persuade her into it or anything. I respect what she wants to do with her body. She says shes disgusted with me for even thinking its okay after having 2 kids, but then she just said shes understanding of other moms that get abortions. Im just very confused.

TLDR: I beat around the bush of abortion with my wife about our possible 3rd child and now shes pissed off at me for being “disgusting”.

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A sport called buhurt. Real weapons, real armor, real violence

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Didn’t know “sand collapser” was a job…..

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