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r/gaming argues about a 16-year-old scalper who has been hoarding consoles during the pandemic. He has a revenue of $1.7 million. Is he Satan, or just smarter than everyone else?

Context: someone posted a headline from the WSJ: "For videogame enthusiasts the console shortage of 2020-2021 has been a major drag. For highschooler Max Hayden, It's been a bonanza".

It then mentions that he is 16 years old with $1.7 million in revenue.

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I'm so tired of reddit neckbeards whining about scalpers. People buy items, then want to sell it to make money. That's perfectly fine. If you don't wish to buy it at that price, that's perfectly fine. A gaming device or computer component is not a life necessity nor is it something crucially important to survival or ease of life. It is an added luxury, and needs to be understood as such. If people were buying eggs and bread then reselling for 3x the price, that would be something to get upset over. People making money off naive folks who spend some cash on unnecessary, luxury items isn't evil or bad, it's just good business. This sub acts like they are sacrificing children. Of course, desperate people who use gaming as a crutch or who have little hope for the future may disagree, as they no doubt compose a large portion of the sub.

It's literally the most basic example of supply and demand. If the demand for something is so high that people are willing to pay above it's true value that's the desperation of the consumers fault. I swear redditors don't have the smallest iota of a hustlers bone in their body. Lifes not fair and don't knock how someone makes a dollar.

People are shitting at this kid and scalpers in general but I bet that 99% of the people here would grab the fraction of the money in a blink of an eye.

You are lying to yourself if you say you would turn down an opportunity to make tons of money as a kid especially. He did nothing illegal nor does he owe anyone anything. I do not scalp nor do I like it's a thing but by any means the kid has every right to want to make money not can he be blamed.

I don't get why people are mad at the scalpers, there are literally no laws against that, they can do what they want, obviously, the system is a bit flawed. Humans will always be flawed, that's what makes us human, there's no point in criticizing the human, when the system clearly allows stuff like that.

The man saw an opportunity and took it. I really don't see the problem here

Its a goddamn video game console, guys. Some of you are acting like we're in a food shortage and he has the last of the bread. Also some of you are full grown adults calling a kid a "scumbag" because he has a video game console you want. Its a little weird.

Lmao holy shit yall are so triggered because a kid made some money on a side hustle like he's the worst person ever. He sold overpriced ps5's and yall acting like he's going around beating up puppies for cash

Successful but dreadfully unhappy and unfulfilled.

Glad for this boy. You guys gettingbg so angry st electronic products is laughable. Never anyone forced you to buy the overpriced machine or graphic cards. It's more than normal also to have a hard time getting a new console at launch. Yes this one is worse, but all the same. Just be patient and buy in a year or 2 when price is going down and there's better game to play.

scalpers bad amirite?

I think it should be praised. The kid found a gap in a market, ran a good business and made money.

There are lots of people willing to spend extra to get the product now and not in 13 months time, so paying a bit extra is fine. That few extra hundred they spend is commute money, night out money all saved from pandemic.

No idea why people hate the scalpers/

You sound jealous, kid made fuck you money.

Don't be salty at a literal kid just being able to earn some money so he can jump-start his life when the pandemic is over. Maybe he'll buy a house with that money, use it for university or just use it to help the people who he cares about. I'd say he's a good lad, he took the time to use that opportunity to further his life moving into the future, and I can respect that.

Extortion? Not even close. The kid didn't sell to anyone that wasn't willing to pay more than MSRP. Those idiots lost their money, while everyone else with common sense just has to wait for more consoles to be made.

Extortion? Look up the definition of words before using them. Extortion involves the use of force or threats. I don't see any evidence that the kid was using violence to make people buy these expensive consoles. People bought them willingly.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love an ideal world where there's an infinite supply of things so that they aren't resold at higher and higher prices due to rarity, but unfortunately we still have limited resources. As such, given that we live within capitalism and this practice is going to happen no matter what, I'd prefer some smart 16 year old getting the benefit to kick-start his life rather than basement-dwelling greasers or corporations such as Nvidia with the 3070Ti & 3080 Ti.

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This piece has tested my patience but I am committed to seeing how far I can take this process. This is the first time I can step back and get a decent view…. Albeit in my small design studio

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Because Christians have done such a good job so far...

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This is a plague stone from 1666. They were put on street corners, filled with vinegar, and used to wash hands/money. It was the 1600s version of a sanitizing station.

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Cmon guys it’s getting really annoying

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As a male, I agree with this post.

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This made my day

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Where it all began...

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Pour juice on the floor your mother is mopping....

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