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Jeopardy producer gives statement on Alex Trebek

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CNN reporter fact checks "Stop The Steal" voters to their face after they share disinformation

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"Speak LANGUAGE, this is COUNTRY!"

My friend, who is Vietnamese, gets told "Speak English, you're in America!" all the damn time.

It got quite annoying to him, so he eventually decided to do something about it.

He looked up the Native American tribe whose tribe was originally on the land where he lives, went to the tribe's cultural center, told the elderly grandma working there he was tired of being told to speak English in America, and had her teach him how to say "White person/outsider/non-native" in the language as well as some other curse words and what not.

Apparently this made that Native American granny's week, because she went all out and really taught him quite a lot.

And ever since any time some racist tells him to speak English in America he says "Well why don't you speak [Native American tribe's language], we're in [Native American tribe]'s lands! You damn [Native American word for white person]!"

The shockedpikachu.jpg face he gets in response never gets old.

They completely freeze up for a few seconds, before responding in entertaining ways such as gasping for air or pointing their finger angrily or just turning and walking away lol.

Eventually the word spread among my group of friends and quite a few of them- who as immigrants, or even just people who speak a second language, occasionally also get told this- are always chomping at the bit to get their chance to use this response.

Every time some of them finally does they immediately announce it to everyone they know lol and it really never gets old.

Anyway, I didn't really know where to post this but felt it matched here well enough (hopefully) as it takes the racist's logic and returns it right back to them in a way that really rustles their jimmies.

What ways have any of y'all flipped the script on racists?

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I always post photos of crystals after they have been cleaned and tidied up, but here is a picture of a gorgeous smoky amethyst fresh out of the earth in Georgia! ⛏

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My ex who insisted I shave my pubic hair

Last night I got a dick snap from an old hook up and I thought it would be lovely to share why it ended.

I was “dating” this guy (well call him Caleb) for about 3 months. We were never exclusive, nor did we ever do anything but hook up and pillow talk.

One day Caleb let me know he really preferred women who shave their pubic hair completely. I’m more of a trim-it-up gal myself. In the moment I thought nothing of it. I brushed it off, and of course, did nothing.

Fast forward about a week later, we’re hooking up, he pulls off my panties and verbally goes “uh.. I thought I told you i like it shaved”

Me: “It? You mean my vagina?” Caleb: “uh yeah” Me: “okay well, I don’t” Caleb: “yeah, but don’t you want me to be into this?”

At this point I was stunned. Here is this man, naked in my bed, with a hard dick—moments from inserting it—implying that he is not into it. Please keep in mind we had been sleeping together for months.

I smiled, got up and started putting my clothes back on. He starts with a “ah c’mon whys it gotta be like that”

I told him that if he wasn’t into it, then there was nothing I could do. I am not comfortable completely shaved, nor am I interested in having sex with someone who isn’t into me. He starting telling me how sexy it is when a vagina is clean shaven...how sexy my vagina COULD be if I just shaved.

I was fully dressed by then, sitting cross legged at my dorm room desk—just listening to this naked man make a case about my vaginas potential beauty.

I then asked if he could get dressed and said this.

“Listen Caleb. My vagina is beautiful, it is sexy, and up until a week ago, was enough for you to get off. If that is no longer the case—I can’t do anything about it. I can’t shave it, because that would mean making myself uncomfortable just so your dick can get a little harder, and honestly, I don’t feel like doing that for you”

He left, and I ghosted him.

Ps.. I replied to his snap with a photo of my fluffy dog and said “sorry my vagina still looks like this, you wouldn’t be interested”


It’s totally okay to prefer a shaved vagina. As a woman. As a man. The moral of the story is you don’t get to shame people for their preferences, and you can always choose to respect your own body before someone else’s desire of your body ♥️ thanks for all the love!

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Cow comes running for their favorite treat

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My money is on Stanley winning a duel.

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No one is a stranger

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Hello Friends! I wish you a happy day today🍔👍

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