Imagine this is the first thing that comes into your mind

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Perfectly timed fire breathing

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USA under 16 and El Salvador under 16

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Milde interessant: Dieses Fenster in meinem Büro

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He needed to put a lil bit more effort

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AITA for correcting my professor every time she gets my name wrong?

*I'm 18 f*

So no one can pronounce my name at first glance. My name is Awhina (A-FEEN-NA) but I also go by Effy as a nickname.

Well, we recently got a new professor and obviously she'd get names mixed up and stuff, but it's been 3 weeks and she still calls me 'Awhina' AND she pronounces it wrong despite me telling her how to say it. At one point I stayed behind to talk to her about it and and that she can call me 'Effy' if she can't pronounce my real name. She said she doesn't believe in nicknames and that I am 'Awhina' (again, pronounced wrong). She says it like 'A-WPHEE-NA'.

I said fine but the next day I started to call out the correct pronunciation every time she said my name wrong. For example:

'Awhina, what is x?'

'A-FEE-NA. The answer is y.'

It's been going on for about a week and I got called back yesterday by Professor who essentially called me an asshole and said that if I continued to disrespect her, she'd have me removed from the class.

I told my friends, but they said they're getting annoyed with it, that I'm holding up the class and being obnoxious.


EDIT: maybe I didn't make it clear, but 'Awhina' is a traditional Maori name. It's not a misspelling, and my parents aren't assholes. It's almost like other languages exist.

I'm convinced my professor made a bunch of accounts. There are some ignorant people (/trolls) in the comments

-Your parents are the assholes for giving you a name that isn't spelled the way it sounds

-Nah, but your parents are fucking morons. You should change your name if this post is real.

-Just stupid pronounciation, there is no f in the name. Thats when americans spell and pronounce words wrong. I think someone messed up your name at the birth certificate, it should have been Aphina

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This is so pure!

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Stupid or smart?

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F1's YouTube comments are a goldmine

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Steady, steady.

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