I just can't with Noodle's face

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Bear with him

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The sacred texts

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Burn down the house, Harold

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"I'm just going to Rest my Eyes for a Sec-"

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TIFU by telling my gf of 3 months that I love her *update*


Okay so the story has taken quite a drastic turn, so hold on to your seatbelts people.

My gf locked herself away in my room last night after I told her that I was on the phone with my mom. I tried explaining through the door that I cared for her and in time I’d surely love her, it’s just early for me and I would love to keep spending time with her. Silence from the other side of the door.

I went to bed on the couch, hoping we would have a talk the next morning. Well I woke up today with her standing over me just staring. She didn’t say anything, she just stared.

I was a little freaked out, I asked what was a going on. Silence.

At this point I’m like “okay silent treatment...” so I go to the kitchen to make some coffee and pancakes. Maybe I’ll win her over with food.

She starts muttering to herself while still standing at the couch, starting at me. Staring. Staring. Staring. I’m getting a little weirded out at this point. So I say, “I’m calling your mom.” She screams, loudest I’ve ever heard someone scream and it sounded like the blood curdling scream that people talk about hearing from murder victims.

At this point my heart is fuckin pounding I just about shit my pants and I ran for my room as she chased me. I managed to slam the door shut behind me and she starts pounding on it. Like throwing herself at the door trying to bust it down. The door is made of pretty solid wood so without something like a battering ram there’s no way my tiny 110lb girlfriend could break it down. And guess what? I left my fucking phone in the kitchen in my haste to get the fuck out of dodge. My only way out is through diplomacy, and this shit is gonna have to be more diplomatic than the fucking United States and Russia during the Cold War.

Anyway, she starts crying, not just any crying either, like crying as if she found out she just lost her entire family in a freak accident. Screaming, “WHY WONT YOU LOVE ME. IVE DONE SO MUCH FOR YOU, WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME.”


She stops talking, it’s silent, aside from some sniffles I hear behind the door.

Again, I reiterate that I care deeply for her, I just need more time to let my feelings grow, and continue on that train of thought.

She starts screaming again. Pounding the door for what felt like an eternity.


She runs out the door. Slams the thing shut. I figured it would be some kind of trick to get me out so I check the cameras in my home (I have cameras facing my door and facing my living room and kitchen, just in case). She’s gone.

I rewind the footage from last night. I’m telling you this shit was psycho. She left my room at 1am walked to the couch where I was asleep, stood there watching over me for 49minutes, went back to the room. 3 am came around, I’m still asleep, she comes out, watches over me and at one point put her face next to mine, almost touching me nose to nose, and sat there for 22 minutes.

5 am rolls around. She goes to the kitchen and grabs a dish rag (no clue why) stands over me for 2 hours (YES TWO FUCKING HOURS) until I wake up and my story starts as described above.

Needless to say, I’m a bit spooked and I don’t think this relationship will be continuing

TLDR: girlfriend went absolutely psychotic on me, we are breaking up for sure.

edit guys I’m reading the responses yeah this is crazy lol! If I have any further updates I will be providing them. So far I think the saga is closed

I’ve contacted her mom to pick up her stuff. So far, she is MIA.

Also I’m changing the locks today.

Edit 2 I know a lot of you guys want the video footage. But I’m going to abstain from posting that for now — just in case there could be some legal action or whatever. I don’t want to make a stupid decision to get me in trouble for a few bits of internet points

Edit 3: I’ll take a little time to address the “OMG this is FAKE!” posts. First, I’m glad you have never had a crazy person in your life, I hope you never have to experience that. Second, well yes of course it’s going to come off as a creative writing story, I’m trying to tell a sequence of events with some sort of flow. Who would want to read a post that just gave all my details in bullet points?

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Update: My My (39/m) husband wants to kick our (17/m) son out as soon as he graduates.

Been a bit.

Sorry, I completely forgot about it. Life has been hectic. Unfortunately I do not have better news. We could not come to an agreement and our Marriage has come to an end. He's become even more adamant to kick him out and tried to throw his belongings out. He's accusing me of babying him and making him a girly man. He told me verbatim he didn't raise a "slur". So he gave me a choice him or my son. I chose my son over him. handed him the divorce papers and told him to get out.

Infact, I'll let my son stay as long as he wants free of rent.

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Heard you talking shit

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