This is the best cosplay hands down

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Europe by internet speed

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Socially awkward 19 yr old farm girl. Burn me alive.

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science fairs are wild

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The sun shining through my fish tank aligned perfectly on each knob

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Someone should tell her

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This wholesome amazon review

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Men on reddit are absolutely disgusting

Awhile back there was a picture on r/pics of an absolutely beautiful painting with the artist standing right next to it. If I remember it was a Disney-like castle with a pond on the bottom. She was just wearing casual clothing (leggings and a t shirt) and looked happy to show off her wonderful work.

I messaged her saying it was super cool and she gave me so many pointers on how to get into painting. She gave me a list of budget materials, YouTube links, and went out of her way to help me out.

As a way of saying thanks, I asked her if she has a website so I can buy her art and support her, but she never responded. I thought she might’ve just been busy, but time went on and I decided to look through her history to see if she might’ve said it to someone.

Her account was deleted.

Wanna guess why? On the post were absolutely abhorrent comments about her, sexist remarks on how she’s a “karma whoring slut” (even though she didn’t even wear anything bad), and how her art is shit and she wouldn’t have gotten attention were she not in it.

I’m just so disappointed to see how much sexism is on here. Like, is it too much to ask for a woman to wear leggings without being berated? I don’t care if she was wearing a bikini, she doesn’t deserve the gross comments.


So this post is bigger than I anticipated LMAO. For the people saying “not all of us...”, stop. I’m a guy. Do you see me saying that? No, because it’s obvious. No shit it’s not all men. Are you the type of person to say “what about white lives” at a BLM protest or “what about the other types of forests” when someone discusses the Amazon rainforest?

There’s a lot of sexism in internet discussions and it shouldn’t be taken as a personal attack on you. Instead of saying it’s not you, how about we take a stance against these people and call them out for their disgusting comments?

Oh, and get on reddit for allowing many sexist and bigoted groups to stay active for way too long.

Edit 2:

So I got a lot of responses to this, but you know what’s funny? I had 170 at what point, saw a bunch of toxic responses, and figured I’d deal with it later. Now it’s at 135 meaning the mods has to comb through a lot of shit.

Imagine if I was a girl? The creepy DM’s is bad enough, but it shows a serious issue on here that people get aggressive about when confronted.

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