Adrian Shine, the head of the Loch Ness Monster discovery project, looks exactly as you'd expect

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F for our fallen soldier

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YSK THe "Face Mask Exemption Card" is fake and you are more than allowed to refuse service to someone using it.

So there are people using something called a "Face Mask Exemption Card" that claims they are exempt from wearing a mask under the ADA because of "mental and/or physical risk to me" and that refusal of service would be violating the ADA. These cards are completely fake, aren't enforceable, and (at the time of this post) the website on the card doesn't even exist. Take the card, inspect it carefully, and then throw it in the trash right before you throw the entitled Karen out of your establishment.

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Apparently these are making their way around...

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Poopernoodle speaks out about what happened between her and Method Josh

This is the her Tweet

For those who don't remember, Poopernoodle stayed at Josh's house last year and streamed with him, but the next day she left and when she streamed on her channel, she was crying and saying she didn't want to talk about it.

Edit: Josh talking about investigation while not knowing stream can hear him

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Train cars line up

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In honor of HBOMAX choosing not to show 5 episodes of South Park, here's the uncensored lesson the boys learned from episodes 200 & 201

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25/6/2020 Weekly GTA Online Bonuses

New Content:

  • Podium Car: Scramjet

  • Declasse Rocket Vamos

  • Declasse Vamos 2000

New Contacts:

  • Wendy Darling

Double GTA$ and RP Activities:

  • Nightclub daily income

  • Special Cargo sell Missions (only RP)

Triple GTA$ and RP Activities:

  • Hunting Pack Remix

Discounted Content:

  • B-11 Strikeforce, $2,280,000

  • Ruiner 2000, $2,592,000

  • Tyrant, $1,509,000

  • Tezeract, $1,695,000

  • Festival Bus, $682,500

  • Niightshade, $351,000

  • Nightclubs, 50% Discount

  • Clubhouses, 50% Discount

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouses, 50% Discount

  • MC Businesses, 50% Discount

Time Trial:

RC Bandito Time Trial:

Twitch Prime Bonuses:

  • V-65 Molotok: $720.000/$957,600

  • Declasse Mamba: $298,500

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Landlord claimed me (adult, have rent receipts) as dependent and received my stimulus

Washington State, US. Rent was paid by check, Social Security number for me apparently taken from lease agreement.

Edit: Woke up to tons of responses thank you.

NOT disabled or even related to landlord. No care involved. Former landlord, not subsidized etc. Living elsewhere for a year now.

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Storm cosplay, Anok Yai

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