I’m gay and I can’t stand the LGBT community anymore.

I’m gay and I can’t stand the LGBT community anymore

When I was a kid and first realizing I was gay (around 10 or so), I underwent conversion therapy for three years. I hated it and I damn near killed myself.

In high school I finally embraced who I was, it took my parents some time to come around but they did and today we have a good relationship. I found solace in other gay people who had similar experiences as me, bullying, being stereotyped, etc, and at the time I felt like I had found where I belong. So I campaigned for things like equal treatment under the law, because that’s all me and my friends ever wanted: was to be seen as equal.

Now I’m in my late 20s, and frankly being gay is the least interesting thing about me. I’m an excellent cook, an avid weightlifter, music nerd, etc. And the LGBT community that I found in the 2000s isn’t even remotely similar to the one that exists in the 2020s.

So. Many. People. Are. Perpetual Victims. For so many people who still proclaim to be LGBT activists, it is NEVER good enough. They have to parse out every little fucking thing and are hellbent on proving people are still just as hateful today as they were in the 50s (not at all true). I’ve met “activists” who genuinely think the US is one of the worst countries for gay people, which makes absolutely no fucking sense.

I get that some people object to gay people in general, for whatever reason. I don’t like that people are like that, but what exactly can I do about it? I have my rights. We have our rights. The last thing I want to do is force people to conform to my worldview because that would make me just as bad as the people who tried to make me straight all those years ago. Plus, i don’t agree with how all people conduct themselves; there are certainly people I disagree with too. But I don’t wish harm on those people, I can only hope that we can both live in peace despite our differences.

Most of my friends who are gay feel the same way. I know several dozen gay people absolutely fed up with how the loudest voices make us look. They make us look crazy, and that’s the last thing we want.

The LGBT community- at least the people who proclaim to be the activists of our community- have become everything we hated when we were widely persecuted against, and that sucks.

Just treat people like people, goddammit.

Edit: literally every single one of you claiming I’m not gay can go fuck yourselves. I got a video of me giving a blowjob, you want that as proof or something?

Also, thanks to everyone who guided this but please don’t give Reddit money.

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