Matt Dunn, Writer of Kindred, Pyke, Ekko, Ornn (and many more), fired while his family was struggling with heavy health issues


Rito terminated me knowing my wife was just diagnosed with breast cancer, knowing my father just died of covid.

My manager fought for me, but was cut out of the decision.

Narrative was and is seen as disposable.

When we ask for more, they let us go.

Most people did dislike how story was told in Ruination event, but I did not expect such a treatment to an exceptional writer at "Lead Narrative" position, especially when he had proven himself over and over again. To be clear, this was all done before Ruination event was even in client. He was not fired after the Ruination backlash. He was possibly fired alongside Odin 'WAAARGbobo' Austin, writer of Jhin, Tahm Kench, Illaoi, Kled, Aatrox rework... and Ariel 'Thermal Kitten' Lawrance who was the Head of Narrative, writer of Taliyah and Camille but most people should know her by her work for Star Guardians. They all left Riot in the same day.

His parting tweet from May 21

The champions which were written by Matt Dunn are beloved by many and pointed as among the most unique of League's cast. The fact they were let go in such a fashion is disheartening to say the least. It is horrifying how Riot was willing to let go of such a beloved person in their arsenal in their time of need. From his wording I get the sense the writers were asking for more care on lore part of the ip but were instead let go. Such treatment shouldn't be taken so lightly when Matt Dunn's work still continues to inspire and draw players.

Edit: Continued tweets

There are some in between as well, sorry I can't add them in quotes, kinda hard back and forth from phone

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It can range from regional songs to astronomia and even baby shark

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The old black man in front of you in line starterpack

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Maybe Maybe Maybe

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What an idiot….

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LPT: When deciding on a new job, don't underestimate the importance of its distance from your house. Sometimes a bad job can be made worse by a long commute home and vice versa.

Wow what a response. And just to clarify...I'm not saying people don't consider their commute. I'm just saying too many people don't think about the effect it has on their day. Everyone is different and what works for you might not work for someone else. Thanks for all the love, and the hate, on this one.

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[image] Throwback

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Fuck it. Let's get nuts.

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