Inside the mind of a CB

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Found this tweet on here and I had to seek it out to contribute my own hide-and-seek story.

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Oh wait... I don’t have a girlfriend

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The system is making more and more mistakes these days.

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AngryJoe Response to his sexual assault allegation

Twitter link to Joe's response:

The link to the accusation:

She is now saying he didn't assault her at all but it was merely a predatory behavior even though it was implied in her story.
She claimed he pushed her against the wall and at the end of her story she wrote "apologize to anyone he may have assaulted since"
And "Anyone else that he has hurt or coerced into sex/sexual acts"Assault is clearly implied here.


TLDR: Joe is saying she approached him, she wanted to network her channel and he was trying to help her with that, at no point did he push her, took her phone or implied anything sexual.
He claims to have evidence and witnesses and will sue her.
EDIT: Please do not use this as an opportunity to harass her or demean other accusation in general, if anything you can take this as a lesson to not judge people right away before hearing both sides.

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Update: My (23F) fiance (24M) has gotten way too overweight and I'm now having second thoughts about marriage.

Well, here goes... not a great update.

I took a number of suggestions on what to bring up to him and how to have the conversation about my concerns. He did the usual thing of trying to brush it off. I persisted, much more than I have before. Eventually I got my wish, he finally told the truth. Not easily, mind, this was a several hours long ordeal. He did NOT want to come clean about anything.

He has a weight gain fetish. Not me or someone else gaining weight, which I already knew was a thing, but HIM gaining weight. He's been doing all of this on purpose, for years. He said the beginning was unintentional, just eating too much junk at college. Then he realized he liked it. He also realized if he let himself balloon too much I might bail. He didn't want to lose me. So he had enough self control to keep it at a moderate level, until I accepted his proposal last year. That was apparently the green light he needed to throw restraint to the wind and start pursuing this fetish full speed ahead.

I never had a single inkling of suspicion the entire time. I guess I can't blame myself for that because dramatic weight gain is usually for the reasons I assumed... depression or stress or bad habits or just getting comfortable and not caring. You never hear of sexual motivations. I still feel like a complete and utter fool. Like I got played, hard. This was NOT what I thought I was marrying into.

When, if ever, was he going to tell me? He claims he "would have when it was the right time". What does that mean? Next week? Doubt it. Years in the future when we maybe have kids? More likely.

Oh and the reluctance to do anything requiring getting off the internet that I mentioned? That's because he's posting in forums and discord fetish communities talking about it. All these people share weight gain tips and compare "progress pictures" of their bellies and write pornographic roleplay stories. I'm truly disgusted. I've obliviously been sat right next to him countless times while he gets off in his own little world.

He has even discussed with random strangers how to keep me in the dark. Apparently the most common suggestion was "play dumb and make it into a running joke", so there's my explanation for why he constantly dismissed anything I said. Unbelievable.

This has been going on right under my nose for years. I really cannot fathom how I could be so clueless. And that the person I thought I knew had the gall, to not only intentionally make himself obese, but to hide his motivations from me, seek out advice on how to do that, and lie to me over and over when I attempted to talk about my worry.

I expressed how I felt seriously betrayed, like our relationship had been built on a false pretense without my knowledge. He did apologize sincerely. He said he would "try" to lose weight. I asked why is he only saying that now? Why did he refuse to discuss let alone change anything all the other times I asked what was up? Leaving me to be confused and worried instead. He didn't have an answer. He just begged me to give him one chance and promised he'd stop and get healthier.

My problem is, I just don't know if I can believe that. And even if he follows through I don't know if I can get over being lied to. For years.

I was so dumbfounded that I asked him to leave today (the conversation was last night) so I could collect my thoughts. He'll be back tomorrow night.

100% sure I want to call off the engagement. 80% sure I want to just bite the bullet and end the relationship. Fuck this. I absolutely love this man. Why did he have to do this.

TL;DR: He has a fetish about gaining weight that he kept secret since college. Has been putting himself at risk deliberately. I'm in shock and will be calling off the wedding. TBD whether I give him a chance to prove he can change and be trustworthy, but I don't feel like it's likely.

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What a lunatic!

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The largest city in each 10-by-10 degree area of latitude-longitude in the world [OC]

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The only thing you need to learn history is a book

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RiP Daniel Shaver

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