Dude teaches little guy to skate

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nazis will be nazis

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Tattooed some new brows on a client with alopecia!

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Why is gang rape rampant in India? (2018) - More than 40,000 rapes are reported in India every year. With every rape case, calls for tougher laws raise, but that didn't seem to have worked [00:25:20]

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team work to defeat dad, lets do this!

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Trump voter is begging for help today from the President who *shockingly* hasn't follow through on pushing that second stimulus post-election.

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What a massive downgrade from MW to CW.

When Modern Warfare was announced I was like

Man Call of Duty is just.... its old and played out, and it will never bring me back to MW2

Then I seen the trailer and the game play and I gave it a shot. I spent all weekend playing it and it was my go to game after work.

Honestly, the quick TTK, the excellent gun play, the sounds, it all drew me in. I was hooked and played hours of it.

I was really excited for CW, 1980's coldwar, old guns, I did not read up on anything on it I went in fresh.

And this was my reaction.

What, is, this, everything looks muddy and washed out with a massive increase in color warmth. Characters look, meh.

Started in on gunplay, and it felt... weak. MW guns had kick, weight, and you felt like you were firing something that could actually kill something.

I got through 2-3 missions and requested a refund from Blizzard and reinstalled MW.

I then looked up details because the game felt... off to me and then I found out the game uses the same recycled engine from 5 years ago.

I am sorry.

Modern Warfare is the far superior game. I would rather have content released for it than CW. Talk about regression.

See you all on the battlefield.


I honestly did not expect this as a response.

Now some points:

First and foremost If you enjoy CW by all means go for it. I am not "Shaming" you for enjoying it. However, graphically and sound wise this game is a massive downgrade. It looks and feels 5 years old. But thankfully this should be a 1 year thing with the release of a new console generation.

Secondly There seems to be this illusion that a high TTK takes more skill.

Players will search and use meta builds you can already see that in the amount of MP5 + stim shot combo.

I just played a game of MW and it was a massive amount of different builds and play styles relevant because you can use various builds and strategies. Want to hang back and snipe protecting the flag. You can do that. Want to move up and use a AR and take down rushers you can. Want to use a shotgun... you can. you get the point.

I know its release and there will be balance passes but SMG's will reign supreme in CW anything else is a disadvantage.

I never had a disadvantage with any gun build.

CW will just be SMG's all day long in boring three lane maps in low player count games with lobbies that are always changing. This will get old fast.

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Motorcycle vs cyclist road rage

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He hasn't conceded yet lol

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Life left the chat

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