My girlfriend [21F] of 18 months asked my [22M] preference about her pubic hair and now finds me "revolting"

So yesterday my girlfriend casually asked me how I prefer pubic hair to be groomed. She usually keeps hers short, but neat. I assumed she was just looking to change things up and wanted my opinion so I answered honestly and said that I find completely shaven attractive, but in the grand scheme of things I couldn't care less, it's not a turn off if there's hair, and that I like the way she has it now.

Well it turns out she had had a lecture today at college (she studies psychology) and the topic was on peadophiles. Apparently one of the talking points was that pedophiles are attracted to the lack of body hair.

When she told me this, I asked her "are you seriously calling me a pedophile because I find completely shaven attractive?! Can I just point out that you're 21 and not 12?" She basically skirted around my questions and then stormed out of my apartment when I kept pressing her on it. As she left she called me revolting and is now ignoring my calls and text messages.

What. The. Fuck.

Honestly not even sure where to go from here. We've never had any issues and was planning on proposing in the next year. Where has this even come from?!

TL;DR: Girlfriend pretty much called me a pedo because I told her I liked shaved pussy when she asked me my preference.

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Never Give Up

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Getting sympathy for murdering someone

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Newborns are not cute

Babies don’t turn cute until they’re toddler age like 1-3 years old. Newborn babies just look like they crawled out of hell, don’t understand how people go “awwwww” when the parents post their newborn baby. And don’t get me started on those newborn photoshoots, not cute. Wait till they’re toddlers.

Stop feeding the parents lies.

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This photo of eclipse was taken in Chiayi, Taiwan.

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Chasing the shadow instead of the frisbee

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Hey, guys. Just curious, what will be the very first game that you will install in your newly bought PS5?

Considering the BC, it would be Monster Hunter World for me, regardless the upcoming new games :3

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Hi I’m Sabrina Nichole former Playboy model and current nude freelance and couch potato, I’m unsure what questions will be asked but ask away!

Here’s some proof

I’ll be back at 7pm CST! Also wouldn’t be good if I didn’t hustle a little you can watch my live cosplay show here @ 8pm CST. And to squash any ideas no I don’t do porn on my shows(:

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Be THC oil cartridge

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[image] never give up

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