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My city’s council has painted over all the graffiti in this tunnel except for the BLM stuff

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This person sold their VHS player on eBay and got a surprise letter in the mailbox

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CMV: Circumcision is medically unneccessary and harmful, and should be banned until one reaches maturity.

No links presented below contain NSFW pictures.

Heres my rational, basically the small upsides (which are in debate), are not worth the risk, and the drawbacks of an unneccessary procedure. On top of this, babies cannot consent to have this procedure done, oftentimes presented as a non-choice at a for profit hospital.

Heres my evidence and reasoning.

-Around 60% of male babies in the USA are circumcised, with the vast majority at birth


-Circumcision complications (not death) range from 0.2% to 0.6%, and deaths are 117 annually, making up 1.3% of male neonatal deaths from all causes.


-Circumcision has minimal benefits, including slightly lower risks of UTI's, penile cancer, and the spread of some STD's.

-The drawbacks (other than deaths and complications), include lower touch sensitivity and


-A harder time climaxing


-Unneccessary stress on babies, who receive this with no anasthesia or numbing (i'm not going to link videos, you can find them yourself)

-Makes up ~50cm sq of skin on the average penis meaning you're smaller when you're cut both errect and flaccid.


-and leads to desensitivity to the most sensitive part of the penis because something meant to be protected is now rubbing against underwear, is directly stimulated with mastrubation and sex.

-Sex with a circumcised penis often needs more lubrication as their is no gliding motion as if you were uncut.

-It's harder to mastrubate when you're circumcised, neccessatating lubrication.

TLDR: With all the evidence above, i'm baffeled why an elective and destructive procedure is the default choice, and widly accepted, whereas FGM is seen as an obvious no-no. It seems similar to removeing the clitoral hood, which would land any doctor in jail.

If a man wants a cosmetic procedure done, its generally held that those kind of procedures must wait until you're a consenting adult. Why should we be cutting babies penises?

EDIT: There are a few medical reasons neccessatating the removal of foreskin including bad phimosis, cancer, etc, i'm not talking about those.

EDIT 2: Wow, I did not expect this to blow up so much, i've replied to as many people as I can but I need to rest. Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories, discussing the issue with me and having an open mind. I'm glad I could get educated on expierences where it felt neccessary, as well as hearing from men who do and don't share my expierence.

I'll reply to more tomorrow.

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Oh I just blew it.

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Disappointed... Again...

I was too optimistic. We got some random strategic game nobody wants... I just watched the dislikes go from 314 to 9 thousand, or even more, in minutes. They could’ve announced this with everything else, but they hyped us up. You do a completely different presentation, you expect more than a free to play Pokemon game nobody wants. I give up. TPC clearly has no clue what the fans want, and I give up. You win TPC. I won’t be as optimistic next time.

Edit: For those who haven’t seen my comment, I’ve corrected myself, GameFreak are just the developers, you shouldn’t be disappointed with them, I apologise for my mistake.

Edit 2: People keep saying I shouldn’t have gotten hyped over a game that wasn’t even promised, I agree, I shouldn’t have, but I expected more. They told us they had a big new project, that they could’ve presented last week, but they chose to tell us about it, and present it a week later, to get to us to be hyped. It’s not that I’m disappointed that it’s not gen 4, I’m disappointed that they have such a disconnect with their fans to think a free to play game most people will play for 20 minutes, deserved a completely different presentation, which resulted in us being hyped up.

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Oh, were you sleeping here?

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Yawn or minor demonic possession? The world may never know.

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Meet August, officially the oldest living Golden Retriever! She turned 20 years old!

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Grandpa gets it

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