After she chewed up $300+ of my games, a very kind redditor reached out and sent me a couple replacements. Many thanks! Glad to have my favorite game again

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Dame wearing a "Stop Asian Hate" shirt at the Blazers/Magic game

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It looks like there is a caramel man trying to escape my bowl

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Rocket’s forward Danuel House loses 4 family members, who died in a car accident involving a drunk driver 🙏

Here are some links to articles about this tragedy.

article 1

article that includes an interview with a family member

House is obviously unavailable for the Rocket’s game tonight against the Timberwolves. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and NEVER DRIVE DRUNK. 🙏🙏

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Citadel After getting another fine

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This pizza

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Welcome to the Cat Club

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Coffee maker not hot...

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We are becoming growingly obsessed with other people’s born advantages, and this normalization of “stating privilege” is incredibly counterproductive and pathetic.

It’s always been very obvious to me that everyone on this planet is born into their own unique set of circumstances (i.e. family dynamic relative to stress, parent absence, money, location, etc). I specifically remember noting this at a young age, but never put much thought into it. I’ve always accepted it as a fact of life, nothing more. Now social media exists, and stating privilege is a thing.

Why is privilege treated like some new discovery that MUST be acknowledged? How does admitting an obvious part of existence change anything for you?

It doesn’t. We demand their admittance because it helps us cope with envy/reinforces our own self-pity.

Clearly there are many rich people with parents that boosted their life. Why must they admit/apologize for winning a birth lottery just because you didn’t?

Stop trying to make people feel guilty because YOU feel shorted in life.

Stop using this privilege narrative to explain every lesser aspect of your own life, when it only accounts for some aspects—more or less for each person.

YOU are envious and YOU must learn to cope with this emotion. They owe you no explanation.

(Perspective: I was born into toxicity; divorce, parents violent with each other, raging father, and financial problems. Yes it absolutely made it more difficult for me to build character. I can’t control those factors, so I focus on what I CAN control. )

We all lucked out by being born the most intelligent out of every species on this planet. Kinda cool, right?

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