Guess why it reached 2k upvotes

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I pray for the day i start a comment chain

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To do some pull-ups.

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now decision is yours ..about whom u wanna Remove

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Where it it? I would like to go!

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The very rare brand clap back

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They found the “Golden Path” to unemployment

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It’s just a ring

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Elon Musk's solution to traffic, the Las Vegas loop, experiences a traffic jam. A user in r/elonmusk points this out and commenters get upset.

Recently, the Las Vegas loop has opened its greatest capacity yet. 70 cars are now allowed to drive under the Las Vegas Convention Center. This new influx might have been too much for the transport system, as videos have shown traffic piling up near one of the three stations. Footage of this event eventually makes its way to r/elonmusk, a fan subreddit for the owner of the loop. (Video in question:


Some users don't take this information too well:

"Before you jump the gun keep in mind this is just the prof of concept work. The real one will have multiple tunnels in parallel and the stations will be bigger to avoid the congestion."


"If a kid is learning to walk if they stumble on their first steps does it mean they can't walk?

Everything is crawl -> walk -> run.

I know, I know. Elon rich and powerful. Elon bad."


"No no, every new technology has always been perfect from the getgo. Elon is a just a rich scumbag that only cares about making money."


"🤣🤣best joke of the day."


"1 minute congestion at the end of the tunnel"


"Precisely. OP just whiney lil B"


"Oh my god! The tunnel is not working flawlessly the first day of full capacity operation! We are all doomed!"


"The design of the parking at the end is flawed. Tunnel is fine. They’ll figure it out in future iterations. This is what progress looks like. Moving along now."


"Wait, a new tech wasn't rolled out perfectly at scale without any issues? This must be evidence of failure!"


There were so many people who used to be walking from one wing to another and now they are more than happy to wait in the tunnel.


Claims of brigading arise:

"People from r/fuckcars are seeing this in this post. 37 K upvotes lol. People hate projects like this especially, because it's so easy to pick at when they don't understand. Also, it's cool to hate all things Elon does and criticize his projects."


Much more drama in the whole thread:

And by Convroversial:

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Things shown rarely or only once in Star Wars that you'd think might be used or seen more often in the films

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