In broad daylight FFS [NSFW]

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Won a competition for a new high end gaming PC. This was what was delivered!! Full ROG battlestation!

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Synopsis for 04-07-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD

Good morning San Diago,

I am Rensole,

Everyone subscribed to Kenny G's onlyfans?

*insert flashy intro card*

None of this is financial advice

Bloomberg terminals

First all thank you to u/ u/ShortaSqueezzzGoBRRR for posting an amazing write up here

I think it's important enough that everyone should take a look at it.

Why? because the more knowledge one has the better prepared one is, and well we all use a version of the bloomberg terminal on a daily basis, the only difference is they have a shiny sleek 1982 version, and we use a bootstrapped version across several different websites.

for example:

Those sites (and more) give us the same sort of information but the difference is simple, we don't know how to read, so once you learn how to it's easy to discern how much volume has gone through, what those weird % thingies are and mean and so on, so I'd advise checking it out and try to make a wrinkle.

Deep ITM calls

First all thank you to u/Dan_Bren for posting an amazing write up here

Since the beginning we have seen Citadel and other parties hide their FTD data in deep ITM calls, but yesterday that seemed to have changed as can be seen here

The thing is the DTCC passed a new rule yesterday to be effective immediately (Yes the SEC has 60 days to veto this but as it stands right now, the rule is effective upon filing), this means that the 005 ruling stands until recalled or amended. it could be that the 005 rule has nothing to do with it, but we would need to investigate how and what it does, also if this was not the cause, what was?

This is also fun due to the fact that we only barely broke 6m in volume yesterday, which is LOOOOOOW

Also the new rulings of the DTCC could have in theory have nothing to do with GME specifically but they are certainly worth looking at, not because of the gme business but because by looking at the rulings it could give us a good indication how business was done, or will be done from now on. as these rulings affect the entire market it's still good to stay on top of it.

The art of war


By discovering the enemy's dispositions and remaining invisible ourselves, we can keep our forces concentrated, while the enemy's must be divided. -Sun Tzu

So what does that mean? ah my sweet summer chimp let me explain.

Even though our subs seem to be divided they are not, apes just have an extra tree to call home in case some trees get cut down, we are still one big community, and we all still have the same goals, Get some sweet dip and hold till the Tendyman comes.

So no infighting, no attacking other subs mods, lets keep moving forward and lets be a big happy ape family.

Cross post as much as you want to both places, this so that we can still get the best information possible available as much as we can.

Also funny is Houston Wade talking about the art of war here

Normally when the price goes up you buy in, but when it goes down people panic sell, but these guys they just go... ok and they buy up all those shares and these hedgefunds don't have any tactic against this because this is not normal market behavior.

^this is the definition of insanity, and when your opponent is so fucking crazy they do all the shit that no normal one would do it demoralizes the other side.

for example in the middle ages there was a tactic of sending the dead soldiers back over the wall to demoralize the castle, now normally people would panic and the winning side would just wait them out.

Now imagine if they did that but the castle side didn't get demoralized, they would dress them up or treat them like passed out drunk buddies... the attacking side would be... nah fuck that those guys are fucking crazy I'm not going in there.

And that's the situation we find ourselves in, we don't adhere to normal market mechanics or ideology we do it the ape way, and they have never dealt with idiots on our level before

Mark Twain — 'Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.'

Seinfeld voice but WHY is the borrow rate so low?

u/Scalpel_Jockey9965 did an awesome writeup here

It goes into the "why the fuck is the borrow rate so low?" question and he's raised a very good point.

Last year the interest price was high for borrowable shares (between 50% and 22% at it lowest) that means there was good decent money to be made to keeping them lent out, but this year its different.Blackrock has been backing RC since the start of Chewy, so they want to have our boy's back when the shareholders meeting comes around, because well... either Chairman of the board (which is higher then CEO) or CEO positions may be up for grabs this year. Last year around this time Citadel was right, GME was a dying company which was prolonging the inevitable, but since RC stepped in that entire script has flipped and this has now switched from a losing battle to an underdog story.

So having the borrowable shares interest low is a good thing, because it's less incentive for people to keep them lent out.

tldr; Last year gme was fuk, this year gme fucks.

Walks like a duck

Currently still going through this one as we are still busy with organising the mod groups and everything I still have to go through u/atobitt's writeup.

Also because there where some concerns yesterday about the DD team let me be clear about it.

This team is there to help where needed, this team won't approve/remove DD

The only DD that is ever going to get removed is Bullshit as has always been the case (bullshit is defined by me as objectively bad DD, read DD so bad you think a 6 year old wrote it or conspiracy theory with little to no filling)

we wont remove DD because it doesn't align with our vision, this is why the upvote/downvote system is there.


Be friendly, help others!

as always we are here from all different walks of life and all different countries.

This doesn't matter as we are all apes in here, and apes are friends.

Doesn't matter if you're a silverback a chimp or a bonobo.

We help each other, we care for each other.

Ape don't fight ape, apes help other apes

this helps us weed out the shills really fast, as if everyone is helpful, the ones who aren't stand out.

remember the fundamentals of this company are great, they should be above the current price point, so for the love of god if someone starts with trying to spread FUD, remind yourself of the fundamentals.

There is no sense of urgency, this will come when it comes, be a week, be it a month be it six.

We don't care, just be nice and lets make this community as Excellent as we can!

Remember none of this is financial advice, I'm so retarded I'm not allowed to go to the zoo 'cause they'll put me in the cage with the rest of my ape brothers.

If anything happens throughout the day I will be adding it here.


And I'll be posting updates as they happen here:

Edit 1:

the "ah my sweet summer chimp" was meant to reference new apes, not a specific user.

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One Inch Punch demonstration from one of top 10 Chinese Martial Artists

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53 gold pieces for sure

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How are these people allowed to have Children

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The goose needs to eat

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oldest koi fish

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Nice day at the lake

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Underrated 💞

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