Holding back tears

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Anyone else’s tortoise just head butts shoes?

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This perfectly aligned sunset.

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It’s days like today that almost make me like adulting

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LPT: If you start a new job, and it’s slower or not what you expect, for the love of God, keep it to yourself and don’t tell your boss/temp agency/HR

I started a new job that had an hour of work, and the rest was 7 hours of sitting around not doing anything.

2 weeks into my job, HR called me into the office for an update on how I felt about the job and I stupidly informed them it was kinda slow and my trainer was in meetings so he couldn’t provide directions on what needed to be done during slow times.

HR said they would look into it and get back to me.

They got back to me alright. At the end of the next day they called me in and said it wasn’t going to work out and they were letting me go.

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Is Dave Chappelle transphobic? Has cancel culture gone too far? r/television has a nuanced conversation about Dave Chappelle's comedy. Plus, bonus drama from r/standupcomedy.

There are two articles posted on r/television right now with thousands of comments each:

Full comments:

Some excerpts. There are like 8000 comments between both threads at this point though, so it's probably just the tip of the iceberg:

He is multi multi multi multi multi multi multi multi millionaire with a platform on the largest streaming site on the planet. But yeah somehow he is a huge victim. Its absurd.

You obviously didn’t listen to his special. He never claimed victimhood.

BONUS DRAMA FROM r/standupcomedy:

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Cursed Exploit

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This fly removing its own head without noticing

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Really made me smile.

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