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Landlords- please don’t paint over cockroaches.

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Social Issues in Philadelphia, USA

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LNG Gaming vs. Team WE / LPL 2021 Regional Finals - 4th Seed Qualifier / Post-Match Discussion


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LNG Esports 3-1 Team WE

- LNG Esports secure the 4th and final LPL Worlds spot!

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Winner: LNG Esports in 34m | MVP: Tarzan 17(7)
Match History | Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
LNGleblanc trundle ziggsryze syndra67.0k198M2 C5 C6 B7 C8
WElee sin galio renektonjax camille56.0k91H1 I3 H4
Ale viego 14-2-4TOP4-3-24 kennen Breathe
Tarzan olaf 37-1-11JNG1-4-61 diana beishang
icon azir 24-1-7MID2-4-51 irelia Shanks
Light aphelios 24-1-11BOT0-3-62 ashe Elk
Iwandy braum 30-4-17SUP2-5-43 sett Missing


Winner: Team WE in 35m | MVP: Elk 10(5)
Match History | Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
LNGleblanc trundle ziggsjax ryze63.4k113M1 H4 C9 B11
WElee sin galio renektonnidalee camille71.8k199H2 I3 C5 B6 C7 B8 C10
Ale viego 10-8-2TOP4-2-84 gwen Breathe
Tarzan graves 35-1-6JNG6-3-62 olaf beishang
icon orianna 34-2-5MID2-3-53 twisted fate Shanks
Light ashe 21-4-5BOT7-1-51 aphelios Elk
Iwandy braum 21-4-8SUP0-2-131 thresh Missing


Winner: LNG Esports in 31m | MVP: Ale 7(3)
Match History | Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
WElee sin galio renektonkennen gwen51.2k91H2 O3
LNGleblanc trundle threshjayce camille65.7k2411M1 H4 I5 B6 I7 B8 I9
Breathe sett 33-6-2TOP8-3-81 irelia Ale
beishang viego 12-5-2JNG2-0-113 zac Tarzan
Shanks azir 21-5-0MID3-2-104 sylas icon
Elk ziggs 21-3-5BOT8-2-51 aphelios Light
Missing gragas 32-5-3SUP3-2-152 rell Iwandy


Winner: LNG Esports in 32m | MVP: Tarzan 18(8)
Match History | Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
LNGleblanc trundle ziggsvarus ryze60.0k118H1 O3 H4 C5 C6 C7
WElee sin galio renektonazir jax52.6k42I2
Ale kennen 32-2-4TOP0-3-21 irelia Breathe
Tarzan olaf 24-0-4JNG1-2-22 viego beishang
icon syndra 33-0-3MID1-1-24 twisted fate Shanks
Light aphelios 12-1-6BOT2-2-03 jinx Elk
Iwandy braum 21-1-8SUP0-4-21 thresh Missing

Patch 11.15

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

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I'm half-American, half-Australian. Americans always tell me how scared they are of Aussie wildlife, but they ignore how fucken terrifying their own animals are.

Like, most dangerous wildlife in Aus is some combination of small, non-aggressive unless provoked, or living in secluded areas. Then you've got American wildlife. Bears are half-ton, almost unkillable creatures with no fear of humans that regularly enter human areas and can tear apart a car like a soda can. Mountain Lions are large but silent apex predators that also have no problems entering human areas, and have even been known to acquire a taste for human flesh. Moose have been known to charge oncoming traffic during mating season and survive. Even coyotes, deer, etc. can fuck up a human if they want to.

I've lived in Sydney and Los Angeles, encountered wildlife in both areas. The scariest encounter in Sydney was getting unexpectedly swooped by a magpie. In LA I've on two separate occasions walked home alone late at night only to find myself face to face with a pack of coyotes, and would've encountered a hungry bear while walking my dog if a bloke at the entrance of the street I was about to walk down didn't warn me.

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Domino's guy makes 3 Pizzas in 39 Seconds

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This was easier than I thought

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TIFU by having sex with a Nazi

I’m kinda shook up, this just happened today and I don’t know what to make of all this

So I was talking to this guy for a few weeks, right? Just casual dirty talk, and sometimes small talk. He seemed nice. Zero fucking red flags. I said I wasn’t down to hook up until I got to know him better, and he was more than accommodating.

But eventually (literally this morning) we decided to hook up and I go to his place. His apartment was relatively normal at first glance. He had some Historical/war looking artifacts around, so I honestly wasn’t that concerned by the little Nazi flag on his shelf because I assumed he was just a history buff or something

But then he showed me his room, and it dawned on me that he was an actual fucking hitler supporter. He deadass had THREE Nazi Flags and a picture of Hitler in there. I was dumbfounded

And I think he could tell that I was uncomfortable, but he didn’t say anything. And neither did I. It was so fucking awkward, we both just didn’t acknowledge this huge elephant in the room.

And this is the part I feel guilty about. I would never have even gotten involved with him if I’d known this in advance, but I had sex with him even though I knew he was a Nazi. And it wasn’t even bad sex. It was just so awkward getting railed in front of a photo of Hitler.

I’m kinda horrified. I left immediately after and we haven’t even texted since. It’s been 10 hours. I also feel guilty because I knowingly had sex with a fucking nazi. Does that make me bad, too? Maybe I should post an AITA

Also, this is only tangentially related, but how the fuck can you be gay and comfortable in your sexuality, but also be a Nazi? Those have to contradict each other, right? So that’s kind of confusing

I’m just praying he doesn’t text me again

Edit: I blocked him. I know ghosting is kinda shitty, but I really don’t want to have to interact with this person again, and I feel like it’s kinda justified. I’m really glad we met at his place and not mine.

tl;dr: I hooked up with a guy who turned out to be a Nazi, and now I’m deeply uncomfortable/unsure of how to proceed

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