I like to think this conversation went down when coming up with the KFC Console.

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This guy is playing the Kashakas, a percussion from West Africa, which consists of 2 small gourds filled with beans attached with a string.

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Nichelle Nichols ( in the 1960’s and today on her 88th birthday )

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movie magic

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I don’t have to let your children win at video games, even if they’re family, even if they’ve never played before.

After an incident regarding my two nephews Christmas gifts last night, I’ve noticed that I’m under no obligation to let kids win at video games. I think it would be equally stupid to let them win at board games, or arm wrestling, or whatever.
Life sucks, there are people that are better at things than you are. I’m not a super great video game player myself, and you know what, that’s fine. There are players better than me and if I want to beat them I need to get better. That’s just something to know in life.
I might be swayed on this if they were my own children, but seeing as I don’t have those I don’t think you can change my mind here.
Edit because of the butthurt in this thread: if you’re going to make up stories about things that didn’t happen, at least be original with your insults. Kids had fun. Mother got pissed. Playing again next weekend and trust me I’m not throwing those games either.

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LPT: If your spouse is cleaning a section or area of the house, and you feel inspired to pitch in, choose a different area of the house to clean, unless they specifically ask you for help.

I just came up on my 15th anniversary with my beautiful wife.

I noticed that on the weekends or in the evenings when one of us starts cleaning around the house, it will spur inspiration for the other one to clean as well.

But so many times I’ve made the mistake of seeing my wife in the kitchen cleaning and thinking to myself, I want to support her efforts, so I start cleaning around her in the kitchen.

HUGE mistake... my good intentions quickly turn into her felling like I don’t approve of the job she’s doing so I “had to step in”, when really I just wanted to help.

Instead, when inspiration strikes to support my wife and her cleaning efforts, whenever I choose a different part of the house to clean, she notices it and is pleased.

It’s the same thing in reverse too... if I’m cleaning the kitchen and she comes in and starts opening and shutting cabinets right next to me, I csn get annoyed. And then I realize that I do the same thing to her.

Live and let live. You can’t change anybody. You can only change how you react to anybody.

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Christian Wood hangs his head after going undrafted in 2015


Wood is now on his 6th team in 5 years

•Cut in Philly to make room for Elton Brand

•Waived by Milwaukee to sign Pau Gasol

•Let go by Pelicans to free up a roster spot

•Beats out Joe Johnson for the Pistons final roster spot and signs a non guaranteed contract

•Signs a 3 year/41 million dollar contract with the Houston Rockets

He currently has 20 points at halftime while last game had a 31/13/3 stat line

Also like a commenter said Woods girlfriend left him the same day he didn’t get drafted

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Over $19k for of WHO'S money for big business?

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