A little more to your right kitty

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The deer of Nara, Japan are so polite

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The 7 deadly sins

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A church in South Korea

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Kids can be so brutal

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Words fail me with this poor fellow.

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Your Pokémon team based off design alone? (Not including Legendaries)

As the title says, what team would you pick based purely on design? Feel free to pick Pokémon of the same type if you would like, but try not to pick any legendaries if you can avoid it. My team would consist of the following

  • Charizard

  • Umbreon

  • Pikachu

  • Gengar

  • Aggron.

  • Heracross

Edit: I do like legendaries. I only put that stipulation because I thought they would dominate most lists.

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Toxic masculinity

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Karl-Anthony Towns: "The elephant in the room is what it is. Tomorrow’s Easter. My mom died Easter. You gotta grow up real quick." KAT's father comes into the zoom room and gives him a big hug. KAT: "There's my mood spike"

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i'm about to YOLO my $800k life savings on starbucks gift cards, what are the tax implications ??

hey wsb i'm going to invest my life savings in starbucks gift cards cause i think the dollar is going to go down, i plan to sell them in a couple years and make an absolute killing

what are the tax implications of doing this??

what kind of investment vehicle are starbucks gift cards anyway? my polyamorous girlfriend says that they're most similar to bearer bonds, which makes sense; does that tie their value to starbucks' capitalization?

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