Activist goes NEXTFUCKINGLEVEL, destroys school board member that defended Robert E Lee and then went online shopping during hearing about racism

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Sneak Level = 💯

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YSK if your kid doesn’t leave their room often, you shouldn’t make a scene out of it when they do

My dad always did this to me and it made me never want to leave my room and walk by him. Making seemingly small comments like, “look who finally came out of their cave” can be taken as being shamed for staying in their room which makes them leave their room less often to avoid the shaming.

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TIFU by making PayPal think I am a member of the Yakuza

One of my favorite video game series of all times is the Yakuza series. The narrative, gameplay, everything about it I absolutely love. I bought Yakuza 0 a few days back, as it is the only game in the series I have not yet played. I bought it off the PSN Store for $9.99!! I'm absolutely in love with it.

So yesterday I was having a conversation with one of my online gaming friends. I was telling him all about the game, how much I loved it, etc. Well he expressed interest in wanting to play it too! Money is pretty tight for him, so I offered to PayPal him the money to get it. He did his usual polite "oh no it's fine I'm sure I have some extra money I can use to get it". Well I PayPal'd him the money for the game plus a little extra for food or whatever he wanted. PayPal gives you the option to send a message along with the money. Me, in my infinite wisdom, sent the message "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY YAKUZA MONEY".

Apparently, when sending money to someone online, using the name of an organized crime syndicate is not the best thing to do. PayPal does not send the money, and tells me my payment is pending while it undergoes an investigation, and that the process will take no more than 72 hours. Fast forward to tonight, I get an email from PayPal saying that they have now restricted my access to my account and that I have to go through steps to resolve the process.

I follow their link, and there is the payment in question. In the text box provided, I then have to explain to them the context of the message and that the money is for a game called Yakuza 0, and that I, a US Citizen who does not have a passport and has never been out of the country, never arrested or even pulled over, is not a member of the Japanese Yakuza.

I am now waiting for PayPal to review my written statement and hopefully this is all resolved.

TL;DR I used the word "Yakuza" in a PayPal transaction and now paypal thinks I am a member of the Yakuza

Edit: WOW This is my first post that has ever taken off, I was not expecting to wake up to this. Thank you all the support and for my first reddit gold as well! I'm glad you all found this entertaining!


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Chilli Sauce making by Grandma , i love it

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I got 120/120 on a national math test and that puts me in the top 100 of my country (belgium). One of my proudest moments. Im 13

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We're not there yet, Octavian.

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I (45M) overheard my wife (45F) saying she settled for me. I told my wife I wanted a divorce now all hell is breaking loose

I (45M) have been married to my wife (45F) for 20 years. I genuinely thought we were in love, until I overheard her on the phone recently remarking to a friend that she feels she settled for me and thinks about her ex every day. Her exact words "I feel like i settled for him... i love him but he doesn't excite me the way Tom did. Sometimes I wish Tom had been serious with me".

Tom is her ex who she dated on and off before she met me. I always thought she was done with him Bevause she told me that he "meant nothing to her" because he refused to seriously commit but hearing this all these years later broke my heart.

I know it sounds crazy, but in that moment I knew it was over. I knew I wanted a divorce. But what I struggled to accept was that i was brainwashed for 20 years and living my life based on a lie. I'm feeling a lot of unreality.

I told her I overheard her and that it's over. She broke down in hysterics saying it wasn't what it looked like.

Both of our children are now grown adults (19M and 21F) so she can't hold anything over me. I just know I want out but her and our entire family has taken her side calling me a fool and idiot.

What do I do?

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Hostess with the mostess (to lose)

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