Hanako, a koi fish who died at the age of 226. In 1966, two of her scales were removed and extensively studied to determine her age. She was the longest living koi fish (c. 1751 – 7 July 1977.)

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Dude attempts at justifying the stupidity of Americans

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I flew over Greenland for the first time with no cloud cover. Such a cool experience, I felt like I was on another planet. [4032 x 3024] [OC]

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Science teacher dunks for his students

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Any surface available is a napkin

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Giraffe saying hello to terminally ill patient during “last wish”-event in Dutch zoo

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Simpler times

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The middle class are one paycheck away from being lower class but a thousand lifetimes worth of paychecks from being upper class. Stop calling us middle class and pretending we're any where near the middle.

It's insulting

Edit: okay I probably shouldn't make a post and then go right to sleep. So here's the deal, yes I understand the textbook definition of the classes has a lot more than 3, there's actually 9 classes lower-lower, lower-middle, lower-upper, middle-lower and so on. I'm also fully aware I'm a long impossible way from middle-middle-class. That's not really my point. The point however is that the media only portrays us as having 3 classes and does everything it can to make it appear we "the working class" as many have called it, is anywhere remotely close to the upper 3 classes.

For those of you that think because I have a job I'm just as far from knowing what it's like to be poor as I am in knowing what it's like to be rich you know nothing. I've been on welfare, I've tasted the hell that is powered milk, I've been without a paycheck. I know what it's like to heat your house with your fucking electric stove because your gas got turned off because you couldn't afford to pay the bill. What I don't know is what it feels like to do whatever the heck I want whenever the heck I want without a care in the world, to order a meal without looking at the price on the menu, to sue somebody just for the thrill of it, to go to the hospital without worrying about how much it's going to cost me when the bill comes in.

I agree what a few of you has said that we're basically the buffer between the classes, given enough to care about that we're willing to fight to keep it, even if it means having to defend the 0.1% from the poor.

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YSK Declawing your Cats is like cutting off each of your fingers at the last knuckle

Some people think that declawing is a simple surgery that removes a cats nails, this is not true. Declawing involves amputation of the last bone of each toe, removing claws changes the way a cats foot meets the ground and can cause pain similar to wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes. There can also be regrowth of improperly removed claws, nerve damage and bone spurs. Most cats will become biters because they no longer have their claws as a defense. Cats scratch to remove dead husks from their claws, mark territory and stretch muscles.

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B2ru(russian dota female talent) take on the recent events

So russian dota female esports talent B2ru made a post in Telergam. Here is google translate of it.

( please be polite, don't insult her, it's just her honest opinion)

"I am shocked at what is happening now with Tobivan. Who does not know, he was accused of sexual harassment.

Valve has already removed his voice acting from DotA. Many commentators refused to work with him, and apparently his career was over.

This all happened due to the fact that he was accused of harassment by his ex-girlfriend, as I understand it. And they believed her. On word. Without any evidence.

But what about the presumption of innocence? According to this logic, now it is possible to blame absolutely any person from the community for any sexual harassment, and he will be expelled from the bunker. No proofs needed. It doesn’t fit in my head.

I understand that if he committed any crimes there, there was a court, his guilt was admitted. But no. The whole community took the girl’s word for word without any evidence. And brow now has a minus career. Well, you can’t! And if she invented it to annoy him?

It is surprising that without even understanding, without listening to Toby's side, everyone already lynched him. As they say without trial. Where is the common sense? Aw!"

Edit: there are also other 2 female casters who shared their take on the situation, but mods deleted these threads. be aware of stupid censorship:



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