Robin Williams offering “The Thinker” a roll of toilet paper

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Mind blown by my fiancé’s proposal yesterday!

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[OC] Plot hook, line, and sinker.

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Folding this egg dumpling

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Forbidden Fried Chicken (it’s calcite)

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I don't like where this is going

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CMV: Asian-Americans shouldn't be obligated to support BLM because they "owe it to black people". They don't.

I am seeing the argument that "asians are obligated to support BLM because if it weren't for the civil rights movement and Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 we wouldn't be here." This implies that black people were solely the reason this was passed.

First of all asians lacked the numbers but for the ones that were here around the 1960s, they were also part of the civil rights movement marching along their African-American peers. 2nd point I'd argue is that the immigration and nationality act of 1965 was passed mainly due to foreign countries looking down on racist/discriminatory immigration policies. The United States was pressured into passing the act by foreign allies and didn't want to look like an embarrassment to the world.

This is supported from this article

3rd Point - Many Asian immigrants who came after the act was passed were dirt poor. Yet overtime they prospered and eventually today they became the leading household income ethnicity wise. Apparently it's due to "PriViLeGe" but no it's due to hard work, culture, and discipline. Asian-Americans didn't have the victim mentality holding them back. But since Asian-Americans prospered we now owe it to black people cause they were victims that fought for our rights that we benefitted from.

I am thankful to the civil rights leaders such as MLK, Malcom X, etc. and the protestors (which included asians) that supported them in their time. But the way BLM supporters protest today compared to how the civil rights movement did it are completely different. MLK was fighting for black equality, he wanted the same opportunities for black people as white people. While BLM claims they are fighting for equality but many of their demands are more like handouts. Lots of Asian-American wannabe activists claims that BLM includes asians and other POCs lives as well but I disagree. Most African-American BLM supporters are protesting just for black lives. Don't believe me? It says it all with their demands such as free college just for black people. Employment/community/social work/rehabilitation for black people. The list goes on. (They already have affirmative action helping them btw).

The whole BLM narrative is racist in itself and just paints white people as the villains. I don't mind that they are making demands just to benefit black people, but to tell other Asian-Americans that they owe it to black people and therefore they must support BLM is bullshit. Am I wrong?

EDIT: Thank you to many of you who articulated civil arguments, I more or less expected many of the responses to bash me since I understand reddit is mainly liberal and my view leans towards conservatives. This has been very educational to me, I try to distinguish between very biased responses and factual ones. Theres many arguments that people keep repeating so I will just try to edit it on the main post. I'm sorry if I can't address your specific argument at this time.

"Asians being obligated to support BLM isn't a real narrative, you made that up. Nice strawman argument." -

There's many more articles just google please.

"Where do you see they are pushing for free college for only black people?" - theres also a wikipedia source but I don't find wikipedia reliable.

"Why do you keep using "if I was a black conservative" argument if you're not black? - I do this because 8/10 time people will accuse me of being a racist if I say I don't think vilification of white people is justified or if I say many black people have a oppressed/victim mindset. Then they almost always respond that black conservatives are racist/self-hating, I disagree. Black conservatives don't fit the narrative so often I believe people will choose to go with the self-hating/racist argument. They say Candance Owens is a racist even though from what I've read and watch of her is the opposite of racist. Check out or . Are all black conservatives racist? Ask yourself that question and see who's the bigot.

"What you mean you don't support BLM? You don't care about black lives?!" - Yes I care about black lives but I think the narrative BLM organization is pushing for is toxic and the statistics/rhetoric of police brutality focusing on killing black men don't seem to add up.

"Asians that came to America were some of the wealthiest and smartest of their country" - Yes this is true for some asian ethnicities but to others it's not. Vietnamese refugees or other 3rd world Asian countries came here dirt poor and guess what? They couldn't speak english much at all. Yet they also prospered, yes they didn't have it as hard as black people but I still think its mainly their cultural emphasis on education/duty to family/discipline that enabled them to succeed.

"You're just an uneducated Asian who is falling into the white man's model minority rhetoric" - I agree that some Asian-Americans aren't prospering like their first generation counterparts, but I also don't think they are struggling as hard as some people claim. Asian-Americans overall are still leading household ethnicity wise in the United States. They also still have the highest representation in higher education that's why affirmative action exists.

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Smoking should be banned in all public places; not just inside.

Smoke has that ability of lingering, even when in an open space. If someone wishes to smoke, that is their own choice however I don’t think they should get to do it in public as many people have chosen not to smoke. Cigarette butts befoul pavements; smokey tendrils reach out for nostrils and hair; and often someone will be smoking outside and you will have to walk through their toxic cloud as there may not be enough space to create suitable distance. Due to lockdown, I have waited in queues to get into shops and this is a time when I truly think people should not be allowed to smoke as one person’s selfish choice will affect many people around them and I don’t think this is fair.

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His human writes: This is Cariad. We bottle fed her from 2 hours old. She’s always pleased to see us...

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