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Why is there so much importance placed on individual voting in the USA if the electoral college is what decides on the winner of the election?

I don’t know much about politics but someone mentioned to me that candidates with less of the popular votes still have won the presidential election.

Edit 1: many people have mentioned that the electoral college still votes according to popular votes: in that case why do we have an electoral college? It just seems like voting with extra steps.

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TIFU by saving a topless woman from drowning

So this happened yesterday... my family (wife, kids and in-laws) and I had just returned from a pontoon cruise for the evening. It was later than usual so I sent the wife up on the golf cart with the kids and in-laws to get them some dinner while I covered up the boat. About halfway through covering up the boat, I notice someone halfway across the cove in the water all on their own and she appeared to maybe be in distress. She wasn’t making progress swimming one way or the other and occasionally going underwater. There were people on the opposite shoreline yelling at her but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. I yell asking if she needs help and she says yes. I call my wife and tell her to come down on the cart, someone is in the water and needs help, I’m going in. I might need help getting the person out. I put on a life jacket and grab the throw cushion from the boat. I swim out to the person and pass off the throw cushion. She appears out of breath. First thing she says to me is “I’m topless”. I responsd with “umm ok, but are you okay?”. I also immediately think to myself:

  • My friends are never going to believe this

  • What is my wife going to think with a topless woman swimming to shore with me

She then says she’s running from her boyfriend who is “messed up”. She also asks if it’s shallow enough to touch yet. It wasn’t going to be. I help her to the dock where my wife meets us. She tells my wife “I’m sorry but I don’t have a shirt on”. Again my wife just asks if she’s okay and she tells us the boyfriend story again. Sure enough as she gets out of the water she is topless. But she is carrying a white Tshirt that she quickly throws on. She then immediately begins running to shore. At the same time we notice a pontoon cruising towards our dock yelling at us. At first I think this must be her boyfriend chasing her and we are in the middle of some domestic dispute. They quickly get closer and I realize it’s two sheriff deputies who flagged a pontoon down to carry them across the lake. As they are jumping onto the dock we notice the girl had just jumped into our golf cart and was riding away on it. Apparently she was allegedly involved in a string of burglaries and the “boyfriend” she was running away from was the cops. I had unknowingly aided her swim across the lake to escape and she used our golf cart as getaway. The cops chased her for awhile through the night tracking her down once more but she escaped again. We looked all day for the golf cart today with no luck. I notified insurance if the theft around lunch. About an hour ago someone notified us through social media that it was parked behind a house in a neighborhood over. So we recovered the cart and it seems ok. They put more warrants out for the suspect and are still looking for her.

TLDR: thought I was saving a topless woman in distress but unknowingly aided a crook in escaping the police.

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Well.. this guy is going straight to hell

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bro my parents put parental controls on my LIGHTS.

i cannot TURN ON MY LIGHTS at night. like the lights will not turn on and they spent hundreds of dollars to make it that way.

i cannot see in my own fucking room past 9pm.

so fucking absurd

edit: i just woke up, thanks for all the support guys!! although i appreciate all the advice, i assure you everything is fine at home, just a stupid thing my parents did that i needed to vent about :,). I assure you i’m alright!!! (and the locks on my closet, not the main door, so that makes it better haha) it definitely seems a lot worse than it is, my household isn’t abusive

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Lewis in the paddock this morning

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Mufasa Mufasa Mufasa

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Wish me luck bois, my time has come.

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You're the best

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lol boomer humour

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