This person’s unique and very specific taste in cars.

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It's Al-Gebra, not Al-Qaeda

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YSK: Excessive thinking about negative feelings and mental health conditions such as depression is called ruminating and it might be why we feel stuck and hopeless.

Why YSK: Persistent rumination can amplify the symptoms of some existing mental health conditions such as depression.

An endless loop of negative thoughts about our current suffering, which in turn creates even more suffering. Conversely, by controlling our rumination we can ease our mental suffering and deal with conditions better.

Separating the ACTUAL negative feelings from ruminating thoughts is essential in Rumination Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (RFCBT).

RFCBT was developed by professor Edward R. Watkins and his colleagues and it is showing promising results in helping people escape that mental loop.

While standard Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) focuses on the CONTENTS of the dysfunctional thoughts, Rumination Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (RFCBT) focuses on modifying the THINKING PROCESS regarding those dysfunctional thoughts.

I know depression or any other mental health conditions can feel overwhelming with no hope in sight, but understanding how the mind works might help. If you are currently suffering, please seek professional help and remember:

You are not your thoughts.

With love.

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Ayyyyyyye we got the pepperocinio guy again!!!!!!!

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SLPT : never run out of mobile battery charge again.

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AITA for telling my partner that my stepson spends too much time at our home and his mother needs to make more of an effort.

OK so I've been dating this guy now for nearly 8 months, we've been living together for 2. Everything was going great we're like best friends and have so much in common. His four year old son is now proving to be a bit of a strain on our relationship and I feel like I can't take him anywhere.

His son throws tantrums, slams doors when he doesn't get what he wants (smashing the glass on my sisters door), when we buy him things he says "I didn't want that" or " I don't like it", when we take him to a store he picks up everything he sees and throws tantrums when he doesn't get them, spits his food out when we cook for him, tells us he doesn't like us, making my 7 year old niece cry when he says horrible things to her aswell as throwing her things off of our balcony etc...he's a nightmare. Let me just add that his dad always has to buy him new toys everytime he takes him out which I told him he shouldn't. His mother is now treating us like a daycare she had him for one day last week and having him for two next week while she goes on holiday with her new bf and going out with friends.

My partner is now currently unemployed and I'm the main bread winner and struggling to support all three of us due to having to buy extra food and more gas and electric usage. I'm also woken up at 7am every Saturday and sunday because my stepson wants the ipad charging or more games downloading when weekends are supposed to be my time after working all day mon-fri (I don't finish until 8pm).

I told my partner this has to stop and my place cannot be treated like a daycare he needs to either A, take him out weekends or B, rotate it so we have him every other weekend. I feel like my life has been taken over aswell as my apartment as his son has his own bedroom and my things have been taken out of drawers and placed into plastic bags which I'm now living out of. My partner is struggling being away from his son and I feel horrible for giving him ultimatums but I feel I need to look after myself too as I never did in my last relationship.

I suffer from depression and anxiety and I feel this whole living situation is making things worse. Am I the asshole?

EDIT: I am not trying to stop my partner seeing his son I am merely implying that the kid needs routine and equal time with both mom and dad on rotating days in which my partner also agrees. I know they Come as a package and I'm willing to take this on but neither parent is financially supporting this child.

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First poster for Pixar's Turning Red

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Have a good time, good time.

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Ed Sheeran surprises someone singing his song by being her backup...

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