"That's no blizzard. That's my sister”

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I took this pic right before my friend proposed to his girlfriend in Harlem, NYC

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I’m fucking tired of people saying boys can’t be raped. I’ve seen these posts and comments saying guys can’t be raped and I have kept silent. I am done listening, it’s time for me to start talking. Do not read this if you went through what I did and can’t stand reminders.

When I was 10-13 I was in a really lonely and vulnerable place. I would do anything to be excepted, and I thought what happened was okay. At the beginning, before I was 12, I was manipulated by older boys (14-17) into sexual activities.

I didn’t understand what happened, I just wanted them to like me. I used to go camping all the time with boys in an organization similar to Boy Scouts, but not affiliated whatsoever. I was trying to fit in, and so I did what some older boys were telling me to do. We played “games” that always were sexual and explicit, and I’m not going to go into detail but we did it all.

I didn’t feel loved by my family at the time, so I continued to do these things. I thought it was okay, until I saw a video on YouTube talking about sexual predators and the like. That was when I started to realize that what was happening was wrong. I also gained several friends at the time which made me feel less insecure and therefore I didn’t feel the need to fit in with them as much.

So, I stopped doing the “games” with the older boys. I figured everything would be alright, and we could still be cool. At the time, I was blind enough to still want to be their friend.

But I was wrong about it being alright. They started harassing and bullying me, but I didn’t go back into their activities. Over 4-5 months the bullying continued, and then we went to a week long summer camp. That was where it happened.

I’m not going to describe exactly what happened, but I bet you can guess. The adult leaders were in a different campsite and they came to my tent. 4 of them forced themselves on me that night, and threatened me so I wouldn’t tell.

I suffered for years after. I told my parents I lost interest and I quit. I never told anyone until I was 15, and even then only a few of my friends. It is possible for a guy to be raped.

To all of you who say it’s not possible, you will never understand what me and others who had the same thing happen went through. You will never be able to grasp the pain, physical and psychological, the anger, the depression that we went through, and the reminder we get every time you say it isn’t possible. So please, stop saying it isn’t possible. It hurts so much then to have something horrible happen to you, and have people say it isn’t possible.

Edit: Hey guys, thanks for all the love and support, and to those who went through what I did, we are in this together. To all you trolls out there please leave. You are unwanted here.

Edit 2: I am overwhelmed by the amount of testimonies I have seen in the comments. I’m trying so hard to respond to as many as I can but I have over 600 in my inbox. Know that as you are here for me, I am here for you. The amount of people who went through what I did was shocking.

Edit 3: I want to share my story but I am absolutely terrified of my family or friends seeing this. I took a huge risk in posting this on my main account.

Thanks to the great mods for putting this back up after automod removed it!

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The war rages on...

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If you want to be proud of a large animal you killed then you need to kill it with a spear.

Seriously where is the challenge in killing a Buffalo with a high caliber rifle round from long range? Congrats, the animal never saw it coming! Your supersonic lead blew its brains out from 300 yards with the flick of a finger.

Man the fuck up and fight the animal 1v1. It’s got horns, and you have got a spear. It has brawn, and you have brains. Test your agility against its brute strength.

Cut its heart out and eat it raw. Then I might be impressed.

Edit; Here is a man attempting this strategy https://youtu.be/FKI1xmtf5Ck

He fails miserably, whips out a revolver, and starts blasting.

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oh boy,that's a new one

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gonna play this game soon

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This cloud formation looks like an AT-AT on Hoth

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That's long enough

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All or Nothing! A sign from a local business

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