Nokia's doing ballet

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Sorry, I deleted all the files you told me to delete.

My job was to design and write software prototypes for individual high-value customers. If they liked it well enough, then a real software engineering team would build the real product. Occasionally, I would run the prototype for a few months while the customer evaluated if they wanted to buy the real project.

Now these prototypes are not a lot of code, but they do run with a lot of data. Even compressed, it can be a terabyte or more. Having done this work for years, I've accumulated a small disk farm of past projects, which can be very useful when a customer asks for something just like we did last year, but with a small change or two. The company resisted buying hard drives for this, but it saves me so much time, I ended up buying one or two a year myself until I accumulated about 10 of them. Figure over $1000 worth of external drives.

Then unexpectedly management changes, new management thinks they can replace old software guy with a cheaper new software grad and I am laid off, with two weeks to "train" my replacement. (Yes, it's blatant age discrimination, but impossible to fight, so I just went for a graceful transition to my next job.)

Except, I have $1000 of personal disk drives with old customer data on them. Company insists that no ex-employees may take any company data off premises and all files must be deleted. I don't want to just leave the drives at the company, but they insist I must delete all data before taking them home. So I offer:

  • They can buy them from me

  • I will eventually use them for something else, but I can leave the data on them in case someone needs it

Not good enough. New manager insists I must delete all data and all backups before I remove the drives. Okay. That's what I do.

Six months later, I get a series of desperate phone calls. New software grad has been unable to build any new prototypes. Old customers are calling to get old prototypes updated, and new software grad has no idea how to do that. Executive VP is calling to ask what would it take to bring me back to do my old job.

Sorry, I've got a new job now. And even if I didn't, I cannot just modify the old prototype because you insisted I delete all old copies of it. If I did want to modify it, I'd first have to re-create it from scratch. And that old series of six month's apart data we collected is gone for good, no matter what.

Sorry, you screwed yourselves exactly like I told you would happen. Hope whatever you saved by hiring a new grad to replace an actual experienced programmer was worth it.

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One of the best roast battles

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solid question.

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David Bowie in 1999 about the impact of the Internet on society

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Man gets disoriented while swimming under the ice

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What on earth is the point of keeping MTV?

MTV had a fantastic run from 1981-1991, it was easily the golden era of music videos, so many fantastic videos then like Father Figure, Thriller, When Doves Cry, Like A Virgin and many more and even many music related MTV shows that were short lived were awesome too like Club MTV.

Starting from the early 1990's, they were gradually drifting away from music videos and then it you had so many crap like The Real World, Celebrity Death Match, Daria, Beavis and Butthead, it was gradually killing MTV and what it once was.

It hasn't had any relevance and impact on youth culture since the early 1990's. It use to be about music not crappy shows


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Eli5: Why is farming portrayed as so unprofitable and hard?

I’ve seen over and over again that most farmers work part time in the US to stay afloat. Farmers usually say it’s hard work and only a small percentage ever turn a profit. Why is this the case since demand for food is higher than ever as populations around the world skyrocket?

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The 1985 movie Clue was released theatrically with three completely different endings. Each screening would randomly show one. The home video release contained all three endings.

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Give me a number from 1 to 185, and I'll tell you a life skill to learn

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