Micro-penis threshold?

So my "friend" has a small penis and was wondering what exactly is the cut-off point for having a micro-penis? My friend is far too terrified to Google image search this and I can't either for entirely different reasons. I feel bad for him because my penis is extremely large and very satisfying to women and definitely works perfectly all the time, so I wanted to help him answer this question. He says that if he's at least a little above the threshold it might make him feel better.

Also, who is the piece of shit Doctor that coined the term "micro-penis" and why is it even considered a medical issue? Under what circumstances would a doctor even diagnose this issue? What does that conversation sound like? Is the doctor held responsible when the patient immediately jumps out of the nearest window upon receiving this diagnosis? These are all things my friend is curious about.

Thank you for reading, and again, just to be clear,my penis is huge and wonderful and I definitely am not asking this question to regain at least a shred of confidence and self-esteem. And I absolutely do not need just this one small victory to continue getting out of bed in the morning.

P. S. - obviously I'm asking this for myself and despite the tone of the post it is a serious concern of mine.

EDIT: Wow! Thank you to everyone who took the time to post advice or kind words, also thanks for the awards! I genuinely feel better about myself because of you guys, I was not expecting that, and I just wanted to make sure I expressed how grateful I am for that.

EDIT 2: I'm sorry if I haven't replied yet if you posted advice for me, I promise I will read what everyone has to say, it's really helpful! Oh and also for anyone who is following along:

  • I am above the threshold officially

  • I love doctors!

  • a lot of your replies have begun to shift my perspective on sex in general which frankly makes for a pretty wild Sunday in my book

  • This is my main account....... Whoops :-P

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As an American living in Britain this is both embarrassing and hilarious

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I know king fu

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Unfortunately the youtuber "LoL Analyst" is back

Our community has done a great service showing that "LoL Analyst" has copied videos of smaller youtube channels. We could help those channels once again as the legal procedures are delayed because of COVID.

I have added the links to the reddit posts and "Dobby KR" down below:

Dobby KR: https://imgur.com/gallery/RmB0AXj

Reddit Posts: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/jj59l2/lol_analyst_is_plaigarizing_korean_content/


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Lion and tiger cubs being bros

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The influence of color on heat absorption

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Synopsis of 05-04

Hey everyone,

As most of you have heard by now I was put in a position where I was forced to resign as a moderator

The past few weeks have been hard on the mod team, there where some problems and everyone has made some errors.

For me personally it came last week when I got a slew of messages of people complaining about another moderator, yournameisc00l being banhappy, and there was something wrong with the discord as well. and a moderator trying to show off power by removing my posts as well.

when I confronted c00l I wasn't getting any answers on any regards, flat out stating he would wait on the others. This in turn made me very paranoid as all hell. Then checking out the discord suddenly all the channels where gone for me except the one specifically made for me to take notes on DD. Knowing that channel was only visible to moderators I demanded answers now and did a @ everyone.

As far as I know this will only give a message to the moderators, but apparently this gave a server wide message to every user ,which is weird because as far as I know only mods can view mod channels.

Then I also reacted to a comment here on the sub, saying I have no clue what's going on with the Discord server, I am no longer a moderator there but I'll look into it.

and then got flack for deleting the message on discord because it made it so that there was confusion.

If that message did go out to everyone in the server I am very sorry, but given the laissez faire attitude I was getting from mr c00l and getting no responses from everyone my paranoia kicked into overdrive because I foresaw this as a WSB 2.0 situation.

This in combination with the "nahuh I'll wait for the rest" attitude of mr cool had left me to take away his mod powers until the rest of the group could chime in.

(something the rest would do to u/redchessqueen99 once I was ill this past weekend.)

Now this same mod also banned Warden, I told the rest no wait because I wanted to talk to them and warden to make sure we could resolve this situation to at least not end in a permaban, as I did see it as a mistake at the time, as I believe there should be some communication going both ways and I do think context matters.Later I called for a meeting, stating I no longer believed mr c00l had the best interest of the sub in mind.

they claiming I was a bad team player, which a case could certainly be made for, that I was self-aggrandizing which I don't agree with and saying I was doing this for self serving things which... again I don't personally see.

These things have lead the rest of the mod team to "vote" to kick me out, this was not a choice made by me but for me, I even wanted to stay on with limited mod powers to be able to at least help in some way or form. but no dice. and was asked to resign as a mod myself because of public image.

I do have to state, I do however respect Chickthief and thr0wthis4ccount4way, the two mods I have no clue on how the new mods from discord are as I had 1 or 2 sentences I talked with 0Wl and he was very nice to me.

I was always transparent with everyone here and would like to continue in doing so, thereby my writeup here and now.

I fully expect to be banned for speaking out, even though it's factually, and realize this could be my last post on r/GME

I will most likely take my time and think about where I want to go from here, and am contemplating if I should continue with my daily's or not, as my intentions never changed but because I got kicked from the mod team it has given me food for thought.

I wish everyone here the best regardless, I will be 💎👐 no matter what.

If I do end up getting banned I will most likely be in r/Superstonk r/Spielstopp or another one.Again I first need to figure out if I even want to do it anymore, and I'll be posting this message to both.

I wish everyone the best

as always my personal twitter is https://twitter.com/rensole


r/gme has already deleted my post so... https://www.reddit.com/r/GME/comments/mkgolv/synopsis_for_0405/

It was removed because of "promotion" and "tagging the mods, as you can see for yourself in the above message (it was copy pasted) there is no promotion or tagging of mods. Make from this what you want :)

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Run Paul/Rebel Run !

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