[PART 3] I'm giving away an iPhone 12 Pro/Max/Mini to a commenter at random to celebrate Apollo for Reddit's iOS 14 update, plus the new iPhones, plus some cheer amongst COVID. Simply leave a comment and you're entered! Good luck, winner announced in 24 hours at 11 PM GMT.

[Here's thread 3 (THREE!), we blew past that silly Reddit comments per thread limit]


I'm the guy who builds Apollo for Reddit, an alternative iPhone app for Reddit that people on r/Apple have been really kind to in loving. I had a lot of fun working on the iOS 14 update with a ton of cool, customizable home screen Widgets, Picture in Picture video, and a bunch of other Reddit meets iOS 14 goodness, and now that all the new iPhones are out I wanted to celebrate it with a giveaway. (Who said those YouTubers get to have all the fun?)

I did this giveaway last year for iOS 13 if some of you remember and everyone seemed to have a great time, so I figured making it an annual thing could be fun. (Proof of winner) Plus the people who use Apollo are all super nice and give me awesome suggestions all the time for making it even better so consider it a thank you as well.

What Do I Win?

The winner gets their choice of any iPhone 12 model (Pro or non Pro, Max, normal sized or Mini) in any color and 128 GB capacity. Are you a BLUE person? RED? GOLD?! When this post is 24 hours old, at 11 PM GMT (countdown), I'll post in r/ApolloApp who the winner is, I'll also DM you for details and people will probably spam you as well.


Simply check out this thread and comment and you're entered! Don't spam jibberish though please, and no multiple comments. If you're looking for an idea for a comment, tell me your favorite iPhone model of all time, or the first third party app you remember downloading. Account must have been created at the time of this post to prevent creating accounts just to enter. You do not have to download Apollo to enter, but it may give you extra luck who knows.

Apollo? iOS 14 update?

Apollo is an alternative Reddit app for iOS with a focus on clean design and feeling right at home on iOS with a native design and adopting all the best, newest features, like Widgets, Picture in Picture video, super fast media viewer, and more. I started building it after finishing working at Apple in 2015 and have been working on it full time since. It's free to download and has over 100,000 five-star reviews, so you should really check it out! It's built solely by me, and I built it closely with community input to craft the best Reddit experience out there.

Even if you're used to the official app, I think you'll really like the improvements Apollo offers to your browsing experience, even if it just prevents you from getting Rick Roll'd.

Do you have any pets?

Yeah I have two cats named Hugo and Ruby. They're great, I also get to pet my neighbor's dog Leonard sometimes who is really cute. Sorry I don't have a picture of him but picture a big black shaggy dog.

Thank You!

Seriously, have some fun and best of luck! My whole job exists thanks to the kindness of this subreddit and community, so thank you and I'll do my best to continue to impress you with some more sick updates. :)

- Christian

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Pigs in the Bahamas love the water and will often swim with people at the beaches.

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No! Men DO NOT and SHOULD NOT have a say in a woman's abortion! Jesus Christ that we even need to talk about!

Just been back from a guy who said exactly that.

"If the woman wants an abortion, the man usually has no say in it at all, which makes him a lesser parent automatically. I'm not sure how to do that differently but I think it's kind of messed up that it is that way."

Honestly; while the topic of abortion is very complicated (and I'm not going to start a debate on it, because that'll only end in war) -why the fuck do some men still jump around this topic?

"Oh hey. I know that the woman I fucked will carry all responsibilities, health issues, changes for 9months and has to risk her life in a painful labour that could -even today! - kill her, but hey, I just want a kid y'know"

You're not discriminated because you can't get a spawn you can ignore for 18years. You don't get a say because you don't have to go through the shit a woman has to go through!

In general: WHY THE FUCK are some men so eager to fuck with a woman's health?

"I want a say in abortion"

"I want a say if she can get her tubes tied"

"I want a say in if she's really sick or just paranoid."

"I know rape's bad, but I don't like the idea of devices like Rape-aXe, because I think it's still too cruel for the rapist to get his peepee hurt"(no joke! Had a guy say this in a thread about the thing)

Edit: Oh Jeez Louise, I did NOT expect this to blow up over a quick nap.

So, I read through a bunch of the comments and I think I should go a bit more into detail about what people are saying:

1.) "If a woman has the right to abort, then a man should be able to walk away without paying"
I agree with this statement. Apparently the biggest fear of -especially young - men is to pay bucks every month, which can turn pretty unfair in cases like male rape.

2.) I guess a bunch of you missed my point:

Men should OF COURSE be able to talk about abortion with their significant other, or female relative, or general. My point was that the woman shouldn't need a form of "signature" to get an abortion.
Like "Oh, I sweety, sorry but has your bf/husband agreed to this? No? Then we can't take it out. Sorry you're stuck for 9months, better luck next time!"

3.) "sex has consequences"

I don't know why, but a bunch of you are hellbent on this idea that if a woman has sex, she automatically signs up for carrying a kid. Reminds be a bit of these infamous "don't have sex or YOU'LL DIE" American sex-ed videos, lol.

While sex indeed has consequences, I believe a woman / man should be able to have it without signing a "devilish contract". Sex is not just for making kids. It's fun & used for bonding between two people. Similar to how driving a motorcycle doesn't mean you automatically sign up for a crash. And even IF somebody crashes, we normally don't go to them and say "That's what you get for driving a fast bike. Now deal with your own injuries", no we rather just call an ambulance.

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Today is Shigeru Miyamoto's 68th Birthday! He is the creator of Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, and Star Fox.

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Dog becomes a bit too self aware

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The inside of a Slap Bracelet is a Tape Measurer

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Lego Trump

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Billy butcher

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My guy just wanted some ice cream

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