Yelling at your kid doesn't "Toughen then up" It makes them scared of you.

I see it all over the internet. "Yell at your kid that'll toughen em up", Or older generations complaining about how weak the younger generations are when they're the ones weakening them.

Talking calmly toughens them up, wanna know how? Because it teaches them to engage into the conversation and stick up for themselves.

What I have noticed is people who have been yelled at a lot by there parents growing up tend to cry or keep there head down and not say anything when being yelled at by someone else.

Just to clarify: I mean constant yelling, not sitting down to talk about the problem from time to time. Of course yelling is necessary in some cases.

Edit: Thank y'all so much for blowing this up, I seriously hope this helps people understand yelling or raising your voice isn't always necessary in minor situations. Have a good day everyone. And thank y'all for the awards.

Edit 2: A lot of you are saying this isn't an opinion, I personally think it is, because a bunch of people are disagreeing with me in the comments lol. Sorry if it isn't.

Yet another edit: Okay, I can't believe I have to address this. EVERYONE PARENTS DIFFERENTLY. Everyone has different opinions on parenting styles. This parenting "Technique" If you could even call it that, is just wrong and hurtful, IMO, note, OPINION.

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I built a tool for us to track US Representatives Stock Trades

Hey everyone, I am the guy who built - which has been really helpful for a few people and just general public knowledge overall.

Well, I finally built a tool to do the same tracking and analysis for the US House of Representatives.

The reason this took so long is that the House exclusively files their disclosures in PDF that vary wildly in quality and format, so for this project I have been transcribing every transaction disclosed. I am nearly done with 2021. I am sure 2020 will uncover lots of interesting trades.

If you want to help contribute to the data, you can also do that at


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In 1978, an Indian man travelled from India to Sweden on a bicycle to reunite with a woman he met while she was on vacation in India. Travelling through 8 different countries, the journey took him a total of 4 months. 43 years on the couple are still happily married in Sweden.

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Here's another shot from the ongoing eruption in Iceland [OC] [1111x1389]

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scratche scratche

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Hello there.... first post be nice lol

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My dads a photographer, this is his most recent client.

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So, what did you do for Easter?

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