Girl gets offended by a name of a country

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Tim Allen Tweet: "Miss the ones who have moved to a higher venue."

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I'm waiting

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Genshin misconceptions that didn't age well?

"Bennett is a bad unit"

"Kazuha is a expensive Sucrose"

What else?

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Go ahead. Try it

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How do you even do this

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If a random girl gives you her number in public, what would you be thinking?

Asking because I, 26f, recently did this to two men, on different occasions, but neither of them texted or called me back.

I just wrote my name, my number and “You’re cute 🙂” on the back of a receipt, and told them they dropped something when I gave it to them. Then I walked off.

Was it honestly weird for me to do this, honestly? Wondering why neither of them contacted me. Because if it is, I won’t do it again.

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Fast food worker stands up to a Karen recording him

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What’s a song that instantly puts you in a good mood?

My top 3:

Half Mast by Empire of the Sun

UnderCover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club

Up, Up and Away by Kid Cudi


Playlist Created By Your Fellow Redditors:

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artifact of the month

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