Hi we're Mark, Zach and Broden from Aunty Donna, we got our first big break on reddit. We've just released our first tv series on Netflix. AMA.

Hello everyone, 8 years ago we woke up one day and found one of our youtube videos had gone crazy on r/Videos. 8 year later thanks to lots of support form the reddit community we got our shot at our own TV show, Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun on Netflix.

We’re gonna be answering anything for the next hour or so. Answering today will be the aforementioned three performers, as well as head writer Sam Lingham, film maker Max Miller and composer Tom Armstrong.

If you don’t know who we are here's a little introductory playlist of our work so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEzN-y0ZMgptSc7jzquvG0XrdfOnSMAQS


EDIT 1: Okay, Bro, Mark and I (Zach) gotta sign off for a bit to go record a pod. But the BTS boys might stick around for a little bit. Pls keep asking etc and we'll try to jump back on and answer a few more in the next day or so. Thanks for all your wonderful questions and support! Hope you enjoy/ are enjoying the show!

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Why is it ok for grown women to watch Disney, but childish for men to watch Anime?

Just curious. If a 30 year old woman wants to get a bottle of wine with a friend and watch Frozen then it’s fine and fun.

If a 30 year old guy wants to watch an anime with a friend then they are immature.


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Thankfully she lost her senate race.

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A new beginning

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It’s a good start

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TIFU by telling an old woman what marshmallows are made of.

So, I work the register at a big grocery store. I like to chat, makes the day go faster. I see that the elderly woman has several big bags of green marshmallows and I comment on the nice mint smell coming from them, which I could smell through the mask. She was worried, because she hadn't thought they were mint. They were for her grandchildren. I just told her that I would check the ingredients. Nope, no mint. Turned out to be the chocolate mint candy UNDER the bags. I did comment on the fact that it had tilapia in it, though. She had no clue what that was, and was absolutely horrified to hear that her marshmallows contained fish. I just offhandedly told her that it was probably just a new alternative to the pig's feet they normally use. If anything, she turned greener. She had no idea where gelatin comes from. She still did buy the marshmallows, but was in shock and horror at the idea of what she was feeding the kids.

TLDR: I horrified an old woman by telling her that marshmallows are made of pigs feet and fish. Ruined them for her for life.

Edit: OMG, thank you everyone for the awards! I didn't expect this response!

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Joe Rogans Kanye West Interview In 1 Minute

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My mother hit me in the eye while it was still open. This is what she said when I told her my right eye was losing vision

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Stop. Releasing. Balloons. They end up in the ocean.

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My cream cheese made the on/off symbol on it's cover

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