The flower girl couldn't make it to the wedding .... Bff ❤️

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Dad's can play with their kids.

I was at the park with my daughter. She wanted to play hide and seek, so we did. I was hiding behind a tree while she looked for me. Around the time a small family was passing by she gave up and yelled "daddy I give up". I stepped out and yelled "here I am" at which point she ran to me and told me how great I was at hiding.

This is where I about lose it.

The older lady with the passing family says something along the lines of "oh, I was hoping you were with her when I saw you.". I played it off with a smile but really wanted to tell her to just fuck off. I'm sure she didn't realize that she just told me she thought I was a child predator, but that's what I heard. If I was a woman would she have said that? Likely not. I'm just confused as to why some people are completely comfortable telling a dad playing with their kid that they mistook then for a pedophile for...what? Playing hide and seek?

This isn't the first time something like this has happened but it will be the last time I let it pass without comment. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but I'm not sure what else she could have possibly meant.

Edit: This blew up way more than I expected, RIP my in box. I'd just like to thank those of you who are showing your support for active fathers everywhere. We shouldn't have to feel weird for playing with our kids.

Some of you (thankfully the minority) are kind of shitty. You guys can eat a whole bowl of dicks.

Edit 2. I'm not mad she was looking out for my daughter, I do the same thing if someone seems out of place. I'm mad she felt the need to say something after it became clear what the situation was. That's uncalled for.

I was just standing behind a tree peaking out from time to time to see if my daughter was coming. We have a rule to not go far when playing hide and seek. I think some of you have the idea I was in the bushes or something.

Some of you think the was worried about my daughter being lost. She was runing/skipping around looking for me. She didn't even remotely look lost or distresses. Just a kid running around.

Again, I don't care that she was looking out for my daughter. I care she felt the need to say something. It would have made more sense to just keep walkin.

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Bottas and Russell collide, race has been red flagged

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TIFU Getting High before a Vaccine

TIFU getting my second dose of the COVID vaccine. I took the day off of work so that I could be free of work in case of any side effects. Since I took the whole day off, I decided to start my day with a wake and bake session and got nice and stoned via my dab pen.

As I arrived to the vaccine center with my girlfriend I decided it wouldn’t hurt to take one more hit of the dab pen. We walked in, checked in, and finally got our second dose. All was well for another five minutes....

Just a minute or two after we sat down in the waiting area I begin to read all of the possible side effects of the vaccine before looking over at my GF and saying “I probably shouldn’t have smoked before coming in”. I could feel the panic attack coming on and was powerless to stop it in the moment.

Next thing I knew I was waking up to a doctor and my girlfriend holding my legs and arms while I was leaned back on the bench. Drenched in sweat, tired, and quite confused with a loud ringing in my ears. Apparently just seconds after saying I shouldn’t have smoked, I dropped my phone and passed out due to a Vasovagal Response.

I spent the next thirty minutes with my feet on a chair drinking apple juice and vomiting the chili cheese fries that I’d had for lunch before the appointment. After about an hour total I was able to walk out of the office to well wishes from the kind strangers around me who must’ve thought I’d had a reaction to the vaccine.

I’ve now discovered that my body will hit the restart button when I’m feeling extremely anxious while high and thinking about medical side effects. Thankfully I’ve had no other serious side effects other than a sore arm and some slight embarrassment.

TL;DR I got stoned before a vaccination appointment and passed out from an anxiety attack after getting vaccinated followed by public vomiting in the waiting area.

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Mookie Betts' diving catch, Dodgers win.

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Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" just hit 8,000,000,000 views, surpassing the previously most viewed video, Baby Shark.

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EXPLANATION: The recent crash was probably due to margin accounts having a cascading crash on Binance.

Degenerates on Binance with up to 150x leverage (borrowing Tethers to buy crypto) have been building up their margin account balances to big numbers, and when they make money, they double down, and build even bigger positions. Because they're degenerates.

But when the price dips below a certain point, some degenerates who have these margin accounts are suddenly below their maintenance limits, and they get liquidated. When they get liquidated, Binance will sell your crypto for Tether, and you are left with little to nothing.

So what happened? Crypto got sold, and Tether got bought. Because Crypto got sold, the price drops, which triggers more accounts, who thought they were safe, to dip below their margin maintenance requirements.

This creates a feedback cycle which basically ends in the liquidation of all the margin accounts. It all ends in a very fast, cascading crash like we just saw.

The bad news is the price is lower, but there's a silver lining. The good news is the market is in a healthier position after this. Most of the unsustainable degenerate margin accounts are probably gone. If we go up to $60k in the next week, it's not because of borrowing (as much). Going forward, at least for the near term, another event like this is not very likely.

The price we see right now could be thought of as being closer to the "real" price which we would have had without the degenerates.

TLDR: Fuck Binance

And fuck the rest of the exchanges with 150x leverage bullshit

EDIT: Some people wanted more evidence to support this theory, so I suggest you look at the price differences between the exchanges (Binance vs. Coinbase, for instance) during the crash. You'll notice the exchange with leverage was significantly lower in price, which suggests bots were arbitraging Coinbase down to match it. Additionally, note the Tether price during the crash, which went up to $1.05.

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Hey if you’d stop sending me mail that’d be great.

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SpaceX's Falcon 9 returning to Earth, pulsing its cold gas attitude control thrusters.

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She is a true angel

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