He knows, he just doesn't care

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My 70 y/o grandpa and I browse this sub regularly when I visit him, to brighten his day. He asked if I could share a picture of his dog. Reddit, meet Tok. (Pronounced took)

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Blursed tesla

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I like finding parts of the egg shell in my eggs

It's virtually tasteless and adds a nice surprising crunch to usually really soft eggs. I also like eating shrimp tails after eating shrimp sometimes idk maybe I'm a psychopath.

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Manager Kicks out Racist Customers and defends his employees.

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Reddit has updated its content policy and has subsequently banned 2000 subreddits

Admin announcement

All changes and what lead up to them are explained in this post on r/announcements.

In short:

This is the new content policy. Here’s what’s different:

  • It starts with a statement of our vision for Reddit and our communities, including the basic expectations we have for all communities and users.

  • Rule 1 explicitly states that communities and users that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.

    • There is an expanded definition of what constitutes a violation of this rule, along with specific examples, in our Help Center article.

  • Rule 2 ties together our previous rules on prohibited behavior with an ask to abide by community rules and post with authentic, personal interest.

    • Debate and creativity are welcome, but spam and malicious attempts to interfere with other communities are not.

  • The other rules are the same in spirit but have been rewritten for clarity and inclusiveness.

Alongside the change to the content policy, we are initially banning about 2000 subreddits, the vast majority of which are inactive. Of these communities, about 200 have more than 10 daily users. Both r/The_Donald and r/ChapoTrapHouse were included.

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News articles.

(Source: u/phedre on r/SubredditDrama)


Feel free to ask questions and discuss the recent changes in this Meganthread.

Please don't forget about rule 4 when answering questions.

Old, somewhat related megathread: Reddit protests/Black Lives Matter megathread

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We adopted this cute boy and for the past couple weeks he has been SUPER shy. Today for the first time he plopped in my lap an did this 😭.

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Yma Sumac, descendant of Atahualpa, the last Inca Emperor, 1950s.

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the wonders that one teacher can do ❤

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