Left turning idiot in car [2020 sept 11]

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In our head it was spectacular

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New work completed. Have a great week everyone!

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Helicopter goes brrrr

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Finally a German citizen! My journey started right out of high school in 2000. Took 20 years via the US and Fiji before Germany (and Europe) felt like home. I cannot quantify how happy I am to finally be a part of this community.

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🔥 This newly-hatched baby King Cobra.

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[Windhorst] "If the Clippers lose the series, there is going to be a lot of fallout... it would be a historic disappointment... Kawhi and Paul George have 1 year left on their contracts... that's going to be a part of the fallout"

He said this on the latest Hoop Collective podcast at around the 16:00 mark.


For reference, the Clippers have traded UNPROTECTED 1st round picks in 2020, 2022, 2023 (swap), 2024, 2025 (swap), and 2026. They also traded a 2021 pick swap, but luckily that is top 4 protected.

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Things I have learned from the Chinese Super Server

So after a few days of watching Midbeast and Dom stream the pros playing soloq on the Chinese Super Server, here is a list of things that anyone who hasn't watched it can expect to see:

(If you haven't checked out the streams the games are actually really crazy and good fun to watch)

  • CS is for babies who lack the courage and skill to farm champions

  • All Riven and Fiora OTPs are to be feared like you're a Demacian soldier near a scarecrow

  • Tower dives come in two categories - 1) The cleanest thing you'll ever see or 2) absolutey the most int play ever

  • Any one who locks in Renekton top should be reported in champ select, they are going to feed and feed hard.

  • 1 kill per minute is a slow game

  • Make sure to round your deaths up to the nearest 10

  • 1/15 Aatrox's can still be carried because Akali is pretty bullshit

  • The only macro handshake you make is that we all die here and now

  • You a 1/5 ADC and see their fed player alone undertower? You dive them right now

  • Wow another Nidalee

Edit: adding some of my favourties from the replies -

  • "Dodge Jensen on sight if hes autofilled, he bouta pull out the 0/16 sett"

  • "Ban Selfmades Eve"

  • Games are close stomps that are very quick and last 35 mins

  • The Qiyana nerfs clearly never made it to this server

  • Fuck Fizz

  • Oh look Lulu

  • Oh look Panth Supp

  • "Lilia hits a little differently"

  • Japan Kindred = best Kindred

  • "The Aurelion Sol stun radius is larger in this server"

  • " If you’re autofilled mid and the enemy locks in Talon, DODGE IT IS NOT WORTH IT!! Lol "

These are just a few things that spring to mind, I am sure other people watching have many more.

Worlds can't come quick enough.

EDIT 2: A lot of people wondering how we are watching these games. A couple of streamers have Chinese accounts and are friends with some of the pros so are able to spectate the games.

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Goodbye PvP

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