323 Reindeer killed by lighting in Norway

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LPT: You can get persistent nuisance callers (like collections people) to stop calling you by calling them. A lot.

Once upon a time I had a collections agency turned on me for a false claim based on a closed account... Having unsuccessfully tried repeatedly to resolve the issue with both the original company and the collections agency... I stopped talking to them.

This resulted in a ratcheting up of harassment whereby the collection agent started calling my family, and eventually my work. Because i had originally tried in good faith to resolve the issue, I found this inexcusable. After the third day in a row where the new agent repeatedly called me at work leaving her extension on my voicemail about an "urgent business matter"if I didn't pick up, (i was external tech support at a company that manufactured proprietary data logging weather recording instruments), I'd had enough. Each time I had picked up I'd refused to identify myself, promptly told her not to call me anymore, and then hung up on her. She'd ignored that and persisted. On my way home, it came to me...

Every day for the next week, whenever I wasn't on a call, I'd call her...say "stop calling me" when she answered, and then hang up. After the fifth or sixth time, she started sending me straight to voicemail. You get 2 minutes...use your 2 minutes. Occasionally I read her articles from the newspaper, but mostly I just opined about what a terrible life she must've lived to wind up doing such scumbaggery for a living. My goal was 30 messages a day, and to tie up her phone as much as possible, because you always have to listen to the first few seconds of a message before you can safely delete it. (I also practiced accents and voices for fun.)

Within a few days, no more calls. But I finished out the week, just for good measure.

TL:DR Using collection agent phone harassment tactics against collection agents can be a fun way to get them to stop harassing you.

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100 of social distancing hearts appears in Bristol, England, in an attempt to open the city in a safe way keeping the social distancing intact.

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Can we talk about how it seems every topless man in most media has a rocking body and just how messed up it is?

I'm watching the Sinner (Season 3) and a character takes off his shirt and he's got a six pack and is pretty jacked.

It feels like no matter what media it is (TV shows, movies, ads) you'll see someone like that... Even if it doesn't make any sense (I'm looking at you, the Tom Holland teenage Spiderman).

This just feels so messed up, because it doesn't give an accurate representation of how these people are. What they don't tell you is that these people had teams of dieticians and fitness coaches to help them reach and maintain these bodies.

What I actually did appreciate was Kumail Nanjiani on Dax Shepard's podcast and they talk about Nanjiani getting jacked to appear in an upcoming Marvel movie. They do mention how in a movie, it's so great because they get help with reaching and maintaining this body. And then once the movie is done, that support structure was gone and they were left with no idea what to do.

I know there is often a completely fair discussion of how women are depicted in culture, but it feels like men don't get the same at all.

Am I alone in thinking it's super messed up?


To clarify the point regarding Spiderman. In the context of this, it doesn't make sense to have a character that is supposed to be a teenager strip off his shirt purely to be gawped at. The scenes I'm referring to were there for that purpose only.

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Ach die Wahrheit tut so weh.. Alles nur wegen meiner Fresse..

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Just another reason to hate gravel

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This cucumber mistaken for a watermelon

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Couldn't find a big enough flash drive so I'm installing windows from my drone.

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Oh sweet Jesus, this is adorable.

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Tulo: "Did you catch that?" Fernandez: "Yes, yes I did."

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