WARNING. I am almost certain that ‘Ape festival 2022’ is either outsiders trying to cash in on the movement, or a desperate ploy from SHF to make a case of a ‘group’ of retail investors manipulating the market. Be wary.

I don’t even feel like this needs to be said as I feel like 99% of us are all on the same page on this one, but recently a website and twitter handle has been plugging an ‘Ape Festival 2022’ in Vegas backed by some big names involved in GME or another certain movie stocks on twitter.

This is either some Fyre Festival 2.0 shit or in my opinion, potentially something more sinister by SHF to try and create a narrative of retail manipulation. WE ARE NOT A COLLECTIVE GROUP OR ORGANIZATION, WE ARE INDIVIDUAL INVESTORS THAT JUST LIKE THE STOCK.

I am not going to name said people who look to also be promoting the event as I have no proof that they are involved or receiving any type of compensation outside them being tagged, retweeting and promoting said event, but its worth pointing out seeing as they have a collective following of around 500k~ followers.

As I said, at best its in my opinion a blatant cash grab and possibly even a scam, at worst a potential move by SHF to establish a narrative that we are a collective group of investors manipulating the market.

The DD is done. Don’t give these guys any of your money.

Edit: Glad to see u/rensole covered it in The Daily Stonk going into much more detail than myself so check that out. Seemed to be well on top of it before me. Try to avoid going to the actual website and giving them clicks :))

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Another day at the park

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Amazing dude going above and beyond

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A letter I received this morning

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All the way home, she behaved like the best girl.

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It sure isn't

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One Piece: Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019: "Heliceracopter

Official Release OFFLINE

There is a break next week due to the Olympics.

Ch. 1019 Official Release (Mangaplus): 18/07/2021

Ch. 1020 Scan Release: ~30/07/2021

Please discuss the manga here and in the theory/discussion post. Any other post will be removed until 24h after the release

Please also remember to put the chapter number in the title for any future post talking about this chapter.

Please remember to only use vague titles until the official release drops.

PS: Don't forget to check out the official Discord: https://discord.gg/onepiece

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Domino made out of ice sticks

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This gotta be him.

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TIFU by creating the most terrifying and embarrassing moment in my life.

It is currently 1:00am. This happened about 20 mimiutes ago. I am currently bawling my eyes out from humiliation and shock. I will write out this event as if you were me. I will not include details before I knew them.

It all started when I (f23) got home late from work. We had a meeting after the park was closed and didn't get home until 10pm. I take a shower and smoke my dab pen while drying my hair. (I then proceeded to forget the next hour) So, my hair was dry and I was playing Red Dead Online. I had just got comfy when I hear my cat Winnie make a strange meow. My cat only meows like this when she sees something outside. It's like a low yowl and not a cute meow. I pause the game and take my headphones off. She is meowing in the living room. She runs into the doorway to my bedroom and meows again. I follow her out into my living room which is only lit by a night light. I see that my motion activated light is on outside. Winnie is looking through the blinds and meows again and again. The light goes off and then comes back on.

I call my roommate(m26). He is at work and gets off in an hour. I am fried at this point and I'm thinking that I am over reacting. Winnie meows louder and longer. Over and over. I'm freaking out and a shadow from my patio moves. A few seconds later, there is a knock on the door. I feel my heart in my ears. The heartbeats are really loud and everything is in slow motion. I'm staring at the door for what seems like about 30 seconds but was probably only 2 or 3. I dart to my room, lock my door, and then was in my closet with a large knife. I don't remember if I got the knife before or after the knocking.

I'm on the phone to police. My breath is incredibly shaky and raspy. I'm having memories and images of my family and friends rushing through my head. Then I think of my parents and how I need to call them but I'm on the phone with 911 telling them info and location. I am mentally preparing to kill someone or die. The 911 dispatcher was silent. She said there were 2 officers close.


I ask where they are. She tells me they are turning into my apartment. I wait the most painful 30 seconds of my life. If seriously felt like 10 minutes. I hear voices at my front door.

I hear the dispatchers voice. She asks "did you order delivery?"

TL:DR, I forgot I ordered delivery and called the cops on my delivery driver for delivering my food.

PS, sorry for formatting. On phone.

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