Parking lot clouds are oddly satisfying

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Man loses his drone and his soul

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TIFU by pushing my girlfriend too hard.

My girlfriend and I were laying down on our bed and watching funny videos on YouTube.

She was laughing hysterically at quite a few! So much so that it caused her to let one rip (fart) more than once.

This was obviously not intentional which made it both hilarious and adorable. After the third time it happened she said “I’m really gassy”. I took this as an opportunity to quickly press down on her stomach which then almost immediately triggered an enormous fart.

I lost it! It was so funny and I could feel the vibration as the pressure caused her to fart again and again. I couldn’t help myself and kept doing it.

This is how I f**ked up.

After a few successful attempts I tried for a final push. I wanted to end it on a huge one. It was so funny and she was laughing so much!!

I pushed down and nothing. So.. I pushed again but this time MUCH harder...

Now this is where I should note that she was wearing nothing but one of my T-shirt’s. Hence she had no underwear on.

My girlfriend sharted. She sharted and then had a SEVERE follow through... all over our bed.

She was mortified. It went from pure joy to absolute chaos and horror... she was just staring at me blankly like she had just killed someone..

I didn’t know what to do as she went quiet.. my legs covered in shit..I stared right back, gently held her hands and walked together to the shower without looking back at the bed or down at my legs.. we didn’t say a word.

I cleaned up my legs before leaving her to clean herself up. She made me promise not to go into the bedroom.

I adore her completely. She looked so scared when I left her in the shower and wouldn’t let me clean up despite my offering to do so.

Eventually, I walked in the bedroom to help. She was so apologetic although I assured her that it’s completely fine.

She burst out laughing when I said to her “Don’t worry. You will always be my little shit”.

Don’t worry guys. All good! Luckily I have thick skin and can take a lot of shit ;) I adore her.

TL;DR - Pushed my girlfriend to hard for shits and giggles. Ended up getting more shit than giggles!

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He's like a dog but smaller.

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In 2011 two doctors told me I had less than 1,000 days to live, going down the road I was heading (my highest weight was 500lbs). I think I have by far one of the most amazing turnaround stories you could stumble across after losing over 350lbs & keeping it from creeping back as it does with many.

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Fed up veteran speaks powerful truth about America's wars

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This is so beautiful. So creative.

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Dude dragged his boat from the beach

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