🔥 the gorgeous blue viper

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[NBA 2K20] bruh my man looks like a frog.

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I have depression and schizophrenia. i hated life and myself. I injured my hips and back, have chronic pain. I gained weight and hated myself even more, and my pain got worse. My mom and dad reached out and helped me. Worked out with me, checked in on me every day. And today i ran 4 km!!!!

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Some religious people need to start learning science

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Thanks, I hate sex in the 19th century

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We've gone full circle

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An interesting example of reinforcement learning

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What is one thing your crush did that immediately turned you off?

Title. Let's hear some personal stories so that hopefully, others viewing this thread too will get some good ideas for self-improvement (If needed), or know not what to do around their crush (either men/women).

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[OC] Most Popular Programming Languages according to GitHub

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TIFU by thinking I was joking with my buddies, but instead forgot I was in the grocery store.

TIFU because I ran my mouth. This was not today, but last week. I had completely forgot it happened until I went out doing groceries with the wife and she reminded me to know my place.

Last Sunday I went to do groceries. I always do them at 9 am on Sunday, nice and quiet here. I buzzed around the store, got everything I needed and proceeded to the check out. All was well. 20 minutes, in and out.

As I walk to the line up to wait for the cashier's to call me forward, I stop behind a rather large lady. As I wait my turn to be called forward, a man comes out from behind a shelf with a couple items and steps in front of me. Just as I was about to say the line is behind me, he says "I am with her." And puts the last of his shopping in the cart they have.

Without even thinking, not even attempting to process where I am, or who is around, the words just come out of my mouth.

"Sorry about your luck!"

Yes. They came out with the happiest of tones. Like I was joking with the boys. But nope. I said it to a stranger in the line up.

As it dawns on me what I just said, I tense up, preparing to get hit, like I oh so deserve. But no, he starts to howl. He's in tears over my comment. However, the lady was not. She reams me out, up one side, down the other. "How dare you, you know nothing about me. Just because I'm over weight doesn't mean I'm a bad wife!" So on and so forth. I just stood there, dumbfounded, not sure what to do.

She then looks at her still laughing husband and says "and what are you laughing over?! We just finished with the marriage counseling and you find this funny?"

She walks out of the store in a huff, the man still laughing and everyone around starting at me. He gets called up and then I do and I proceed to pay and get out of there. He made it out before me and she was in the parking lot yelling about how they will be getting a divorce and how she can't be with someone that finds things like that funny.

I'm pretty sure I ruined what was left of the relationship.

TL;DR: Went grocery shopping, told a stranger that I was sorry he had shitty luck for marrying a large woman. Pretty sure I caused a divorce.

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