Taking on Ben “Facts & Logic” Shapiro

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I add Star Wars to thrift store paintings.

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Massive Multiplayer Beta Code Giveaway for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

To celebrate Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, our friends at Activision and Treyarch have kindly provided hundreds of Multiplayer Beta codes to give away!

How to Enter

Beta codes will be distributed across three platforms, giving you multiple chances to win. Winners will be chosen at random in the coming days.


To enter in the Reddit giveaway, simply leave a comment in this thread.


To enter in the Discord giveaway, join the Call of Duty Discord server and read the #beta-giveaway channel.



To enter in the Twitter giveaway, follow @CODTracker and @TrackerNetwork then Retweet this Tweet.


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God bless whoever invented multiple choice

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What they doin over there?

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Computer numerical control 3D carving

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Girl tells her mom she's choking on a BBC after anesthesia

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"But Muh Rights" says the plague rat

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Hydrating the cat

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Russia, are you drunk

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