A call for peace in the console wars ✌️

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Guy dressed as Yama, god of death, gives free helmets to bikers who aren't wearing one

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7-11 In 1973

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I say mooooo

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Pictures of children do not belong in r/aww

I didn’t come to r/aww to see a picture of your stupid fucking baby.

I fucking hate seeing pictures of babies on the top of r/aww, the place I go to bleach my mind of the shitshow that is 90% of life and the rest of Reddit, with some cat pictures, not to see your stupid baby. I don’t find your baby cute. At all.

The worst part, and I can’t wait to get crucified for it, is the disabled children.


Karma farmers are almost constantly reposting the same pictures of people with Downs syndrome or kids in wheelchairs to farm karma, and of course redditors just eat that shit up like rats in a cheese factory.

It’s honestly disgusting that redditors also place the same value on a baby as they do a dog or other animal. Like these kids who might have a terminal disease are just some kind of cute animal. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to see myself on the same page as a cat stuck in a box.

I don’t come to r/aww to see the same stupid baby for the eighth time that week, I want to see some fuckin puppies. But of course because if you don’t upvote the disabled kids you’re a shitty person or something, and god forbid you call out karma farming.

Your kids aren’t cute and they’re certainly not animals, so please don’t show me your stupid kid on r/aww


Fuck them kids

Edit: yeah I know babies is in the sub’s description, what I mean by this post is that it shouldn’t be.

I don’t hate kids, I just don’t find most of them cute, and don’t think they belong in r/aww. Beyond the implications of posting your newborn online, you’re essentially telling me that you see your baby on the same level as you see an animal

Edit2: All the people making comments about how I’m a child hating dog fucker seem to forget that this is a sub for UNPOPULAR opinions

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I’ll wait, thanks...

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Improving yourself

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Spirits, can you spell pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?

Wow I didn’t not expect this to blow up. This is now my highest karma post and my first ever awards. I love y’all.

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