1918, Spanish Flu. "Wear a mask or go to jail"

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Always has been

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[UPDATE] My fiancé (26F) and I (27M) decided to break up but she couldn't move out due to the lockdown. After about four months isolating with her, I've realized I don't want to break up anymore.

Original post: here

Although I didn't get to reply to any of the comments except for one, I made sure to read all of them in my main account, so I would like to thank everyone for their great advices. Here I am now, excited to tell what happened in the course of 5 days.

So the day after posting that, nothing really happened. I spent that day reflecting on what kind of future I see and want with her. I also thought a lot about the past; how we messed it up, how we both got too lost in our jobs... etc. In my original post, I asked if what I'm feeling could be just an infatuation that would go as quickly as I came. But I realized that my feelings for her never really disappeared to begin with. It's like my heart just went in a deep sleep and I forgot how much feelings I carry for her.

I think some of you may know (and have pointed out) that I'm not really good at communicating my feelings. I tend to keep things to myself, and my fiancé is one of the few people who can be patient with that. Some suggested to write a letter instead, or a note, or marry her in sims... I ended up with drafts of sappy letters that I ended up scraping and a sad attempt to recreate us in the sims. But still, I wanted to make an effort to show her what I couldn't say through words.

I've heard about her wanting a few DLCs in the sims in the past, so I had the idea to buy a few for her (sims' DLCs are pretty expensive especially in our currency..). Surprised her by stealing her laptop for a few hours and once I gave it back to her, she was elated and so happy. It was really nice seeing her get so excited over it. We played together that whole day and tried to solve the mystery in Strangerville (a game pack in the sims). It was so fun.

The next day, I found her in the kitchen trying to bake something. It was a blueberry cheesecake recipe she saw on youtube. I basically became her cooking assistant that day, helping her as much as I could and we ended up with a pretty decent outcome that I bet would've tasted better if I hadn't messed up so much. She still said she had so much fun and loved the cheesecake though.

The next day, which is just yesterday, something important happened. We were basically just snuggled up on the couch playing when our sims just autonomously "tried for baby" in the bed. It was hilarious and we initially laughed about it but then we got pretty silent. She then closed her laptop and hugged me tightly then, without saying anything. I think that was my realization that "oh, she feels the same as I do.." so I knew I had to speak up. I'm still impressed at myself for managing to talk yesterday without choking up, basically opening up the conversation like "are you planning to go to your parents soon?" and she said no, she doesn't feel like it yet. I asked her why, she told me she wanted to stay. I told her I wanted her to stay too. We went to sleep that night just huddled together. And even though we didn't really explicitly say it, I think we're now aware of each other's feelings and it feels like a really huge improvement to me.

Earlier we ate breakfast together. We weren't as chatty as we've been the last few months but the silence was comforting. We also watched "Knives Out" together. We haven't had *the* conversation yet, but I'm going to bring it up to her tonight. I'm really glad this whole ordeal went much nicer than I expected it would and I'm relieved I didn't let my doubts get the best of me. Though I still have to get better with how I communicate things, I'm going to learn for her.

Thank you to everyone who left nice comments in my original post. I apologize again if there are any mistakes in my post, I'm not a native english speaker nor am I from the USA.

TL;DR: We both feel the same towards each other. We're yet to have the "talk" but I know now, without a doubt, that she still loves me, too.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story, isn't that bad.

People have some sort of hate towards Solo, and I don't get it. The writing, music, and directing were all fine. Personally, I think it's one of the better Star Wars movies.

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I've been reporting your irresponsible asses.

I work at a pizza place, and we get at least five or six gigantic orders a day since lockdown started. In my city we're not allowed to have gatherings of more than ten people, which is honestly probably too much. I knew we were going to have a second wave as soon as the dumbass governor started allowing a lot of places to open again, because everyone in my city and honestly the whole U.S. is irresponsible as fuck.

We have your address when you order for delivery. Every single group I've seen order like twenty pizzas, I've reported. My city has an official site/app to report price gouging and big groups and more. I don't even know how many people I've reported but I've gotten quite a few follow-up emails thanking me for reporting these giant ass groups of people having parties and shit.

I will say it's really satisfying to get a bit of revenge on people placing gigantic orders when we're already doing ridiculous record weeks from the amount of people ordering takeout, but that's absolutely not the reason I'm doing it. I hate this country with a passion because it's always "me me me" with these fuckers. I'm ashamed to be an American. The entire world is looking at us from their mostly recovered countries and seeing us for the idiots that we are. The people breaking quarantine to have parties and spreading this virus around absolutely deserve any legal action that comes to them. They're putting our community in danger and making this situation worse. I will continue to report any of these large gatherings until we're finally free of this idiocy.

Edit: The sheer amount of people that are so mad about this that they're throwing insults shows exactly why this is a problem in the first place. It's really disappointing.

Edit 2: Wow. Aside from the trolls there are people literally equating this to telling the Nazi's about Anne Frank. So you guys are saying Jews were a disease like covid? Shows a lot about you tbh. Yikes.

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Work from home with wife

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Happy 80th birthday to Sir Patrick Stewart!

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An intact pyramid capstone, one of the few know in existence

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