I started Lichess, Ask Me Anything

Hi Reddit, you may know about this little chess server that was first seen online in January 2010.

Initially a fun open-source lobby project to learn about web development, it was then picked up by the community, who made it into the second most popular chess server.

A lot has changed in 11 years, but not the original idea of being open source, without paywalls, ads or trackers. In short, chess without the BS.

I owe you, the online chess community, the great honor to be a full-time lichess.org employee. Ask me anything. I'll start answering at 12AM UTC and will be at it all day long.

Customary pic: https://twitter.com/ornicar/status/1381550346997223427

[edit] Carpal tunnel syndrome kicking in due to too much typing. I'll write even shorter answers from now on. Sorry about that.

[edit2] I'd better stay away from the keyboard for a while. Let's call it a day, thank you all!

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Did you ever made something from scratch, thinking it can't be THAT different from the store bought stuff and then were blown away by how much better it was?

I got some vanilla beans for my birthday and decided to make some vanilla sauce with it. I believe the correct English term is custard? But I'm not sure so I'm sorry if I'm a bit lost in translation here.

I always wanted to try it out but never actually thought it would make much of a difference compared to the store bought stuff. Especially considering how simple it is. It's basically just milk with sugar, a bit of vanilla and a few eggyolks to make it yellow.

But my God, how wrong I was! The stuff is amazing! Also my whole kitchen smelled like vanilla, which alone made it kind of worth it.

Are there other things that you would usually buy from the store, but are 100 times better when made from scratch?

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18 y/o. Cosplayer. Future graphic designer. Professional weeb. Do your worst♡

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If someone's bullying you, you should be able to beat the shit out of them and bully them back without repercussion.

Basically the title. You should be able to bully bullies back and beat them up. I was bullied in elementary school and I got in trouble when I beat the shit out of my bully. It's complete bullshit.

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As a gay trans man, I agree 100%

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Now that’s an awesome proposal.

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A local music store in my town has had this sign up for a few days. The shoe store across the street finally replied

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My 3Y/O doesn’t want any PAPER in his piggy bank. Only ‘real’ money.

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Bring her a cat they said.. she’ll be off her phone they said..

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