Bees vs. wasps

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Driver, Tanner Foust, drops down 90 feet of orange track and soars 332 feet through the air.

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This is moss agate from Indonesia, the ''moss'' is actually iron and other mineral inclusions in the stone that make it look like it contains a secret forest!

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I’m petitioning to have u/fuck_brain_cancer10 perma banned from reddit. AMA but really cast your thoughts.

u/fuck_brain_cancer10 defrauded the community by pretending to have brain cancer. This screwed up kid took money from people through the award system who thought he was sick and dying. Kinda shitty and seems like scamming to me. With the communities support this user should be perma banned through his IP and all other related accounts. If you wish to find the post he made please click this link.

Thankfully I thought the post was shit to begin with and was not affected.

Edit: Due to 1k upvotes this post will be sent to Reddit staff to show the communities want for action.

A link to this post has been sent to u/spez

Edit: I don’t want awards I want justice. We can’t have people abusing the communities kindness in this way in the future. Please refrain from awarding me and upvote this post instead to show support for the solution.

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How can a not-so-attractive girl gain your attention?

Most of the time guys say a simple hi is all you need, but this isn't quite as affective for average and below looking women. For example, I really struggle to get guys to respond to me on dating apps and I've been told I'm a 7 at best and a 4 at my worst. What are some ways we can get you interested?

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Timelapse of weekly confirmed Covid-19 cases per 100K population by state/province from March until now [OC]

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Protesters protesting the death of an armed robber in San Diego, CA attack a man holding a puppy for disagreeing with their protest. The protester "medics" then scream at the cameraman to stop filming while the assailant runs away.

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The stunt the kid pulled off by faking brain cancer on r/AMA was hilarious and it was so funny to see gullible redditors waste their money on useless pixels they call "rewards."

Basically what the title said.


The kid got a shit ton of idiotic redditors to give him gold and its always funny to see people waste their money on useless crp.

I guess you can say faking brain cancer was messed up, but i guess we all have different tolerances for stuff like that. People who like or hate dark humor for example.

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Back in my day, er...

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