Men in Black (1997) - the language these aliens speak together is ‘Huttese’, the language Jabba the Hutt speaks in the Star Wars films.

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GIVEAWAY - Club Nintendo Zelda Posters

Howdy! Long time Zelda fan here. I got approval from the Mods to do a giveaway of 2 of my Club Nintendo 25th Anniversary Zelda posters. I thought someone here might want them. My hope is that it’d go to someone who will hang them up rather than sell them, as I could do that and could use the money.

The posters are still in very good condition.

I’m willing to ship anywhere in the 48 contiguous US!

The winner will be chosen randomly from the comment section. In the comments, I’d love it if you commented your favorite soundtrack from a Nintendo videogame. I’m learning Piano and I’m on the hunt for great music to learn (:

I’ll announce the winner on July 15th at 12PM MST

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Happy Meal

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How insanely fluffy a snowy owl is

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TIFU by grabbing some random mans ass with some serious passion

I'm a shy person and a reserved person. I don't do stupid shit and I'd rather blend in the background. The only person I feel comfortable goofing around with is my boyfriend.

We were having a perfectly nice summer day today. We went on a walk, did some necessary grocery shopping and started leaving home. Before going I needed to use the bathroom, no big deal. My boyfriend will just wait for me outside.

My boyfriend told me he'd wait for me by the car. I leave the store the sun in shining and I don't have my sunglasses but I can see him standing close to our car with his back facing me. I decide to surprise him with a really firm grab on the ass, making sure he could feel my enthusiasm through the grope while seductively whispering "nice ass" finished by a dumb overexaggerate moan. Fucking hilarious, great move on my part. 

Then I hear a loud "What the fuck" in an unfamiliar voice and my boyfriend turns around and well.. it isn't him. It's a much older man wearing all black like my boyfriend. That wiped away the stupid grin on my face real fast. I'm completely speechless. I don't know what to say. I just stare at this poor man whose ass I violated. 

I could feel my face turning red and I start apologizing profusely while trying to explain the situation in a panic. A little further away by our car I can see my boyfriend walking towards me almost tripping for laughing so much. After what felt like forever the man also bursts out laughing saying it's fine that I'm glad I liked his ass. 

I couldn't laugh even if I wanted to. I was horrified. I still am. My boyfriend thinks this is all too funny not to share but I'm going to stay anonymous doing so.

If the man whose ass I grabbed happens to see this I am so sorry. Just know that a part of me died today and this gave me another reason to never leave my house again. Social distansing no longer feels difficult in any way.

TLDR:  I went to surprise who I thought was my boyfriend with a firm ass grabbing followed by a moan only to find out he wasn't my boyfriend. I'm now dying from embarrassment

Edit: Wow thank you everyone for sharing your funny stories keep them coming, me and my boyfriend are having a blast reading all of them! I'm glad that I'm not the only ass grabber around It's really helping me with the embarrassment.

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LPT: Anytime you think about contacting an ex or old crush, rub one out first

The post nut clarity is real, without the humiliation of getting said clarity after doing something you may regret the rest of your life

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Jeff Bezos net worth scaled in the minecraft world.

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Just finished this deck carving

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Dr. Fauci receiving a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush

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