Running from the police completely wasted

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"Guy who's into history but isn't weird about it" Starter Pack

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Uh huh, sure.

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My address to all the Streamer slamming - Hate us or not we are all in this together

Firstly I want to start by saying I generally distance myself from this sub-reddit hard. There are lots of haters here, but I think its fair that I should share my story.

I generally read reddit purely as a research for future content. Either if it be to understand game mechanics, guides that need to be made or just somethings that sounds fun to me. That's about as far as I go with this reddit. I don't comment, I don't contribute.

I know you guys like to slam streamers / content creators, including myself when a change happens that you don't like. You guys see barely anything that I actually do besides the YT/Twitch side of things.

Firstly I report every single bug that gets sent to me via discord. This could be potentially 50 a day sometimes (generally straight after a wipe) and then down to 1-5 a day around now. I also vet these for ones that have previously been sent so i'm not wasting his time.

As I am one of the first people to complete all major content in the game I find majority of the bug issues with new content and I give detailed reporting on what the bugs are and what from my gamer perspective I think the cause is (i'm not a dev i'm purely just a gamer), so you never have to encounter them.

I actively consider all major choke points in the game that I tend to put excessive amounts of hours into and suggest ways that could be included to help the average player progress in the game. These include nearly every single hideout crafting addition you've seen in the game this wipe minus a couple Nikita did on top as the tasks would be so frustrating for players that I believe it would be unrealistic to think someone without putting 10+ hours into a single task may never complete. (perfect example is virtex, RFID, VPX etc.)

A large amount of exploits get reported to me that I immediately send through to avoid it ruining the game as we've seen in the past like ways to fall through the floor, glitch guns, dupes and most recently being able to manipulate items to become FIR that aren't.

Also I know there would be a fair share of people who would rather headbutt their keyboard than look at my content, that's fair! But if you've used the wiki, you've most likely seen multiple screenshots each time you go there from me. I work along with the Wiki guys to help get the content up to date as soon as possible.

Now I know there is a lot of I's in this but this is just what I do, there are so many other content creators and streamers who do more. They Sherpa, they make amazing guides, they find bugs and do analytical analysis on them and on top of that they hold a community themselves which in itself helps grow the player base and increases longevity of the game.

As for my "privilege" of having a direct line with Nikita, I welcome you to commit 100 hours a week of your life for nearly 3 years to a game that you are just about as passionate about as the devs. I love this game, I only want it to succeed and I deliberately try and force myself to see all perspectives believe it or not. But at the end of the day, we are all on the same team, Loves of EFT, and we just want to have fun!

I'll finish with, Keep the hatred in raids and not towards each other, content creators and devs. Take out that frustration on some cheeki breeki's!

TLDR: We are all a community. Stop hating on everyone and have fun playing.

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I made a 3D printed Lithopane

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I Will Invest $100,000 Into Whatever Is The Top Reply In A Week lol

Hi, I’m MrBeast and I’m bored, so I’m going to invest $100,000 into whatever you guys decide on Robinhood. If you don’t believe me check the proof. In 7 days I will look at what the top reply is and invest in it.

Edit, I want a super risky investment. Give me something so crazy that I have like a 2% chance of it working but if it does I make millions. Let’s have some fun nerds

Edit Edit, if the top reply that I invest in makes me money, I’ll give 20% of the profits to the redditor that recommended it.


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Nailed it.

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TIFU by trying to surprise my wife for her birthday and almost getting divorced

I'll admit I haven't been the most attentive husband lately. My wife has told me I need to make more of an effort in our relationship or we would have problems. I've tried really hard to invest in our relationship ever since finding out my wife is not feeling as happy as she should be.

This fuck up happened last week. My wife's birthday was coming up. I decided to go big. My wife absolutely loves surprises so I decided to surprise her with a romantic night and lots of flowers and presents. She had to go to work in the morning of her birthday and I had the day off. A lot of time to plan everything out.

I decided, being the idiot I am, to pretend that I had forgotten my wife's birthday just to make the surprise, well, even more of a surprise. The plan was as follows: my wife wakes up and I don't mention her birthday. She thinks I've forgotten it. She goes to work and I get everything ready. She comes home in the evening after work and tadaa!! When she opens the door I'll be waiting for her with gifts, flowers dinner and everything romantic I could think of. Sounds like an amazing plan right? WRONG.

Nothing special happened in the morning and my wife left for work while I slept in. During the day I got everything ready and apart from mildly messing up the desert everything went great. Then it was time to wait for my wife to return. She was supposed to get home after 4pm. 4.30pm nothing. 5pm still nothing. I was starting to get worried and I texted her where she was. Around 5.30pm she read my message but didn't reply. I called her and she didn't answer. I was starting to get extremely worried and texted her if she was okay. Thats when she replied.

She texted me opening up about how she couldn't believe I had forgotten her birthday even after her expressing to me how she had felt neglected in the relationship and wanting me to put in more effort. I, in all my stupidity, still decided to play dumb to make my big surprise work. I told her to just get home so we could talk about it. Big mistake

She told me she was done talking and started mentioning divorce. Fuck fuck fuck. Thats when I called her and she still wouldn't answer. Then I panicked and started explaining everything to her by text. I took pictures of all the things I had done around the house, the gifts the flowers the decorations the dinner everything. I just wanted to surprise her that's all I wanted.

I tried calling her to no avail. She read my messages and after not getting a reply I just broke and started crying. After what felt like the longest wait of my life my wife comes home. She's crying saying she's sorry. I told her it was my fault and we both just cried holding each other. We spent the night crying and cuddling and eating the dinner I made. She told me it was the best thing she had ever eaten (obviously a lie, it was mediocre at best and already cold). It wasn't the surprise I had hoped to give her, I'm just glad to still be married to her.

And yes we are working to fix our relationship. I love this woman with all my heart. I had her permission to share this

Tldr: Wanted to surprise my wife for her birthday and pretented to forget her birthday to make the surprise better. She got really upset and started talking about a divorce. I ruined the surprise trying to explain myself and we spent the night of her birthday crying and cuddling.

Edit: Wow thank you for the kind words everyone! I can't reply to everyone so I just wanted to say I appreciate it here!

For all the concerned people, yes we are getting help and fixing things like I have stated before. I appreciate the concern but with all due respect I'm going to take relationship advice from professionals and not from reddit. It's weird to have people arguing about my relationship when frankly no one knows us or the situation we are in. I just wanted to share this story on here with my wife since we already talked this issue through. Still, reading your personal experiences and what you have gone through is helpful so please do share if you feel like doing so!

And to the people messaging me calling my wife horrible things I sincerely want to say, fuck you. Calling me an idiot is justified, calling my wife horrible is not. 

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Haha funny name go brrr

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