It’s official: The opposite of A Karen is a Sara.

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F in the chat for our fallen comrade

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Felt emo again might delete

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Please give more options already!

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There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things

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UCF student sick with COVID takes off mask to be an ALPHA MALE.

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And they said money didnt grow on trees!

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After a Federal court ordered the desegregation of schools in the South, in 1960, U.S. Marshals escorted a 6-year-old Black girl, Ruby Bridges, both to and from the school.

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this wedding cake

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I am a photographer who shoots nude couples and singles AMA

Hi Reddit,

EDIT: In few hours i am going to have a photoshoot again, so if admins lift the block, i will answer all questions delayed, keep them gladly coming!

Thank you for so many and nice questions!

EDIT2: I AM TAKING A BREAK FOR A photoshoot, keep them coming i answer all when i get back! Thank you for so many nice questions and interests. I am amazed, never thought it would turn out to be like that. Best community ever.

one of my life-time hobby as a nudist and photographer is to shoot amateur couples, often nude and often also during their "private time". It all evolved from pre-wedding art / erotic books from bride to groom, through "the better wedding night" sessions and now even finding my self booked often even by older couples.

Thought it might be an interesting AMA ( outrageous suddenly seems normal ) as most my customers won't talk about the experience publicly. I am from Germany but have had bookings around the EU, especially in France, Switzerland, Spain and many holiday resorts.

Not sure what level of proof i should give to not look like i am advertising, so hope this will do.

Gladly ask for more if needed.

Ask me anything!

OK, AMA got blocked and got asked for a proof. Here it is.

EDIT2: mods are really tough, so here is mother of all proofs, sorry for inconvenience .

I am photographer from Germany, have photography business with my hubby for many years. where i wrote link to my profile under my name

I am shooting since i was 16yo and making moneys with it

I shoot weddings, and regular couples too, since 2015, proof:

But am here mainly to share AMA because i shoot nude couples (not professionals and not for publication) (it is called reddit proof so you see i can control the domain).

But also single persons

I have also a regular website where you can find me posing with the camera to proove that i have a camera.

I did also verify me few times here on this site if you need the proof that i am a nudist.

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