Nov 9, 1989—My gf was at the Berlin Wall when it came down and took this pic of an East German soldier. She passed him candy thru the hole and he went away and came back with a Soviet pilotka (side cap) and gave it to her (pic in comments). Sorry for flash glare.

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What's up Max

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PsBattle: This cat biting a cardboard box

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Annual Streaming Price

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Are they dead yet?

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What a smart man...

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TIFU by getting an air-bnb to hookup with a girl and she never showed

TL;DR: planned on meeting with a girl I met on Tinder, we both wanted to hookup, booked and paid for an air bnb in the middle of nowhere, she never showed up and blocked me on everything. Now i’m drunk, alone, and down $300

Sorry if this is sloppy, i’m on mobile and drunk. You may guess where i’m writing this from. I’m in the middle of nowhere in an Air Bnb, scrolling thru reddit, feeling really really fucking stupid.

This happened in Northern Florida. Alright backstory. I matched with this girl on Tinder. We really hit it off for a few days and everything was going well. I told her I was only looking to hookup and she said she wanted the same. We planned around the whole week on when we can meet up because we both work constantly. We both were off today so we planned to meet up. My house was a no go and she had family at hers (apparently). Hotels are a no go for me so I decided to get an air bnb for the day so we both would be comfortable. I am an idiot for not getting her phone number, only had her tinder and snapchat.

This is where the story gets interesting. So, the whole day we were messaging dirty things like typical college kids. She would even snap me over and over again if I didn’t reply. She kept asking if today’s plan was on and I said of course. The air bnb I booked was about 30 minutes from me and 15 from her. I messaged her saying I was leaving and asked if I should pick her up. She said she would drive which I found weird but didn’t think twice about it because Tinder meetups can be sketch, which I understand. I message her on the way and she says she is on the way and almost there. I finally got there after heavy traffic and awful weather. I message her on tinder that I just got here. She unmatched me right away. I was like okayy maybe it glitched or she deleted her account. I go on snapchat to message her and she fucking blocked me. This bitch was playing games with me the whole fucking week. I already paid for the bnb and messaged the owner of the house for a possible refund and still haven’t gotten a response back.

I tried searching this girls name on other social media but somehow she found all my accounts and blocked me. I felt so fucking stupid and I still do. It hasn’t left my mind. Now i’m in the middle of east bumble fuck, one hand with my phone, other with a bottle of jack daniels and i’m super empty. I’ve never been played like this before and shit fucking hurts.

I wish I can message her one last thing but literally have no contact with her whatsoever.

I will never do something so idiotic again. Anyone wanna be my friend because I feel so alone and stupid. I don’t plan on telling anyone about this and honestly as long as I get my refund I will be happy and move on.

edit: spelling

edit 2: you guys are awesome! Lots of love for all of you!

edit 3: I’m trying to respond to all of you, did not except this to blowup

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Barbara Walters scolds Corey Feldman for calling out pedophilia in Hollywood. "You're damaging an entire industry."

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Karen calls police on man sitting in his car outside his own house

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Megathread: Supreme Court Rules on Subpoenas for President Donald Trump’s Financial Records

Today, the Supreme Court issued decisions for two highly anticipated cases involving subpoenas seeking President Trump's tax returns.

The Chief Justice wrote for the Court in Trump v Vance, affirming the Second Circuit and rejecting the Government's position that, under Article II and the Supremacy Clause, the President was entitled to absolute immunity and a heightened standard for the issuance of a state criminal subpoenas. The case now goes back to the district court, where the Second Circuit permitted the Government to make alternative arguments. The vote was 5 in the majority (Roberts, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan), 2 in concurrence with the decision (Gorsuch, Kavanaugh) and 2 in dissent (Thomas, Alito).

The Chief Justice also wrote for the Court in Trump vs Mazars, vacating the lower court ruling affirming the Congressional subpoena and implementing a balancing test for the district court to consider in deciding whether to grant a Congressional subpoena, including:

(1) whether the asserted legislative purpose warrants subpoenaing the President and his papers (ie. whether there are other sources that Congress could obtain this information from);

(2) whether the scope of the subpoena is sufficiently narrow so that it is no broader than necessary to support Congress' legislative objective;

(3) what the nature is of evidence Congress is offered to establish that a subpoena is necessary to advance a valid legislative agenda; and

(4) what burden is imposed on the President, particularly since the subpoena originates from a rival branch of government that could use such subpoenas for institutional advantage.

The vote was 7 in the majority (Roberts, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh) and 2 in dissent (Thomas, Alito).

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Seems Trump has to reveal his financial
Supreme Court rules President Trump’s tax records may be turned over to Manhattan DA’s
Supreme Court deals Trump a defeat, upholds demand for his tax
Supreme Court deals Trump a defeat, upholds demand for his tax
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Supreme Court rules Manhattan DA can obtain Trump
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Supreme Court Says N.Y. Grand Jury Can Get Trump’s Tax
Supreme Court to rule on release of President Trump’s tax
Supreme Court Does Not Allow House To Immediately Obtain Trump Financial
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Supreme Court Advances Subpoena of Trump Tax
Trump loses SCOTUS battle with New York prosecutor over his taxes and financial
Supreme court ruling Trump vs
What you need to know about the Supreme Court fight over Trump's financial
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U.S. Supreme Court rules Donald Trump can’t keep tax returns
Read: Trump v. Mazars Supreme Court
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Trump tax returns: Supreme Court rules president must hand over financial documents to
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Trump v. Mazars USA,
Supreme Court allows NY prosecutors to see Trump financial records, but not
The Supreme Court Ruled Prosecutors In New York Can Get Trump’s Tax
The Supreme Court Let Trump Keep His Tax Returns Secret — For
Trump rages at Supreme Court over tax records case, claims 'political prosecution'
Manhattan DA: Trump tax return ruling a 'tremendous victory' for justice
What will be lurking in Trump's tax returns?
Trump’s taxes may be released to Manhattan grand jury, supreme court
Trump wins court battle on financial records -- for
Trump Throws Fit Over SCOTUS Ruling On His Tax
U.S. Supreme Court allows prosecutor but not Congress to get Trump's financial
Trump complains of 'political prosecution' after SCOTUS rulings on financial
Supreme Court Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch ruled against Trump in landmark cases about the president's taxes and financial
Supreme Court rules Trump does not have "absolute immunity" in tax case: "No one is above the law"
Trump rips Supreme Court, claims ‘political prosecution’ after rulings on financial
'Not fair': Trump rages over Supreme Court decisions involving his financial
Trump blasts Supreme Court decision on financial records, saying it showed a lack of ‘deference’
Trump erupts after Supreme Court rules to release his tax returns: ‘Not fair to this Presidency!'
Supreme Court Rules Prosecutor May See Trump's Financial
'No One Is Above the Law': Supreme Court Allows New York Prosecutor to Subpoena Trump Financial
Supreme Court Says Trump Not 'Immune' From Records Release, But Hedges On House
Stocks tumble after Supreme Court rules Trump must hand over tax
Opinion - The Supreme Court deals a blow to Trump’s delusions of untrammeled
Trump ally Roger Stone should go to prison next week, prosecutors tell
Supreme Court rules N.Y. prosecutors can access Trump financial records, but not yet
Trump attacks Lindsey Graphm after SCOTUS
Court rulings keep Trump’s financial records private for
Trump attacks Lindsey Graham after SCOTUS
Supreme Court ruling on tax records 'not good news' for Trump, says
U.S. Supreme Court lets prosecutor but not Congress obtain Trump financial
House GOPers Paint SCOTUS Ruling On Trump Tax Returns As ‘Political’
Biden Taunts Trump After SCOTUS Ruling On POTUS’s Tax
Historian on Supreme Court ruling: This is a very dark day for Donald Trump - CNN

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