These baby dolls carrying away corpses.

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Cooking Outdoors with Burak

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Official Origins trailer on their YouTube.

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The antivirus becomes the virus

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He could have just taken a photo.

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Sweet display of affection

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Youtube terminates 10 year old guitar teaching channel that has generated over 100m views due to copyright claims without any info as to what is being claimed.

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The Jedi must not find our designs for the Ultimate Weapon.

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TIFU by telling my girlfriend’s family that we needed the living room for sex

Obligatory this didn’t happen today, but almost ten years ago.

My GF (now wife) and I were spending time with her family at her grandma’s house. Her grandma had a Nintendo Wii at the time, and my GF’s brother would have been five years old. As you can expect, he always wanted to play the Wii and any mention of it would guarantee his excitement and begging for inclusion.

It was nearly the little guy’s bedtime and I whispered to my GF, “You want to play the Wii when your brother goes to bed?” She said, “Yes” and we were excited for him to go to bed. Since the Wii was located in the family living room, I decided I would sneakily let the family know we were reserving the TV for an epic match of Wii Tennis.

I approached my GF’s mom, uncle, and grandma and said, “If you guys don’t mind.... we’d like to use the living room once the little guy goes to bed.”


Me: “You know..... for....”

(me thinking)

“Three letter word....”

Her family made faces I will never forget as they thought of a different three letter word that I wanted to partake in with their beloved daughter/granddaughter/niece in the living room.

I realized my mistake after a good ten seconds of funny faces being throw my way, and I fumbled over my explanation of “oh dear god I meant we want to play the Wii!”

TLDR: Wanted to play the Wii with my GF, and told her family we wanted to do a “three letter word” in the living room which made them think of sex.

Edit: Since enough people have asked, we actually wanted to play Wii. This was not a cover up for sex.

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Chaotic Good Paladin anyone?

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