Dolly Parton deserves some praise

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Name a more iconic duo

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I have contacted the SEC regarding my findings of the cyclical deep ITM call activity on GME. The ball is in their court.

You wanted it, it's the right thing to do, so it's been done.

I have also notified FINRA Whistleblower service, and they thanked me for my research.

I guess a thing to do would be to contact relevant SEC individuals, your state, senate and Congress representatives, and quote this submission number as urgently in need of investigation. It has been submitted to the SEC Tips, Complaints and Referrals, and also opted into the Whistleblower program.

SEC TCR submission no 16173-793-285.

The community has already shown their brainpower, willpower, and persistence. Now it's time to exert influence on the people that are meant to protect and serve us.

Power to the Players.


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The “road to hell” Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

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I made windows XP

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oddly terrifying but made really well:

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Can you stop singing, for 5 minutes?!

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier S01E03 - Discussion Thread

This thread is for discussion about the episode.

Insight will be on for the next 24 hours!

We will also be removing any threads posted within these 24 hours to prevent unmarked spoilers to go up onto the sub

Discussion about previous episodes is permitted, discussion about episodes after this is NOT.

Proceed at your own risk: Spoilers for this episode do not need to be tagged inside this thread.

S01E03Kari SkoglandTBAApril 2, 2021 on Disney+

For more in-depth discussion about Marvel shows on Disney+, visit r/MarvelStudiosPlus

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YSK: Google is surveilling you, even just while using Google Chrome.

Why YSK: Because your privacy matters, and you should not have your every action tracked and traded for ad revenue by corporations. The reason why Google's products are "free" is because your data is their product, sold to advertisers.

Read more here:

For simple alternatives, I recommend using Brave or DuckDuckGo. You can also manually configure Firefox with add-ons to remove most tracking.

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