Update: My(F24) boyfriend(28) if 10 years has become incredibly secretive of his phone, laptop, social media, and car

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So I found out he was cheating on me with an underaged girl.

Yesterday morning after confronted him and asked flat out if he cheated on me. He admitted that he had receive a blowjob from another woman. He said he blocked her on everything, but she kept creating instagram accounts to contact him. I asked why he hid this, and he said he was ashamed and was looking for the right time to say something.

Something in my gut told me he still was lying, so I snuck into his room and stole his phone while he showered, he forgot to take my thumbprint out of his phone. I looked at his most recent texts, and a few hours before he had texted an unnamed number, “I told GF I was cheating on her, we might not be able to see each other for a while. If you need me message me on insta”. I have never been so hurt by anything in my life, I felt my heart drop as I read the text, I looked at past texts and saw pictures of his dick and her body and him saying she looked better than me.

I moved on to his Instagram, and like a lot of people said, he had a second one he used to dm women. I found a conversation with the girl he had been talking to that started in August 2019, and suggested he had been fucking her since October 2019. For at least one year of our relationship he was unfaithful. I checked the girls profile to see if she was better looking than me, and saw in her bio the name of a high school near us and C/O 2023. My stomach turned and I had to stop myself from throwing up. He was fucking a 15 year old girl. At that point I had seen enough and decided to leave the apartment. I screenshoted everything and sent it to myself. I went to my friends place where showed her everything.

I felt so disgusted and guilty. A bunch of the people that commented on my first post spoke about how he groomed me, and I just now am realizing how right they were. If I hadn’t let our relationship continue and told the other young girls what he did, it might’ve stopped him from doing it to other girls. I refuse to look back at his Instagram because I don’t want to know how many young girls I helped him either rape or abuse in some way. I feel so gross for defending him. I also feel disgusted by the fact that it’s very likely I performed oral sex on him hours after he had slipped his dick into a high schooler. That evening we began the process of reporting him and hopefully he will be thrown under the jail very soon. I’m going to try to do what I can to right the wrongs I did with this, and am planning to get an STI test and some therapy to get past this and raise my self esteem again.

Thanks for those of you that tried to help me.

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Remember Karens can be men too

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Gatekeeping to make the world a kinder place

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My dad got a a periodic table with the actual elememts in it

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Dr. Fauci is salt of the earth. Exhibit #103207

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Noooo ! It can't be! Your channel must fail! Stop it brie larson! Stop it!

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TIFU by giving my dog unintentionally the best damn day of his life

So this TIFU isn't as crazy or wild as others I read, but I thought others would appreciate how much I'm laughing but how many horrible regrets I have over this situation.

Let me start by saying it's important to note that whenever I cook hotdogs, I slice the package, take out a few, roll the rest back up in the plastic packaging, and fasten it all with some good old fashion elastic bands.

.. Today. I did not.

I couldn't tell you why my dumb ass decided to just fold the plastic over a few times and place it back on the shelf, but here we are.

So my spouse comes running down in their few minutes between endless meetings to make their lunch quickly. We are the only two in our house, plus our little rescue dog who was a stray and an absolute MOOCH.

I mean, this dog will weave between your feet, eyes GLUED to the floor hoping for even a single speck of crum because woe is him he's never been fed a day in his life.

So we're all in the kitchen, I hear the fridge open, and it suddenly dawns on me in horror that my spouse is MOST DEFINITELY going to go for those hotdogs I wrapped like a dumbass.

I quickly turn around to say something, and my spouse in slow motion, wide-eyed stares at me as the hotdog package unrolls like a fruit-by-the-foot commerical and DOUSES my dog's entire skull in too-much-to-be-reasonable-in-one-fucking-package of hotdog water.

My dog lost his SHIT.

Like a Christian grandma with the second coming of Christ my dog just tears ass across the entire apartment with the worst case of the zoomies I think we've ever seen him have.

He proceeds to spend the next 15 mins singing our praises as the greatest humans alive as he rolls across every piece of furniture we own.

I'm talking every. Piece. Of. Furniture.

Now I don't hate hotdogs but the smell is weirdly overpowering, and every time I sat down on something else all I can smell is godforsaken hotdogs.

My dog loves it though. And now I'm figuring out how to shampoo out hotdog water from my life. I have so many regrets.

TLDR: My dumb ass didn't seal a package of hotdogs properly and my spouse accidentally dumped hotdog water all over my dog's head and now I'm living in a hotdog smelling hellhole because my dog decided to excitedly roll on EVERYTHING we own. But at least he's having the best damn day of his life because of it. I probably hate hotdogs now.

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The Holy Belly

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Beyond Light Release Window Update

Source: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/49340

We have made the decision to move the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light to November 10.   

As the first chapter in a new trilogy of expansions, Beyond Light is the beginning of a new era of Destiny 2. We have a powerful story to tell and incredible new features that we're really excited for players to experience. As always, our goal is to make the coolest, most entertaining expansion we can possibly make for our fans. To that end, we are doing what’s best for the game and moving the launch date.  

The past few months have been a challenge and will continue to be during this pandemic. We’ve learned to create together in a new way, by having to work apart from one another. Despite these hurdles, we’re still committed to the same level of quality that our fans expect.  

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling more of what we’re working on for Beyond Light and what that also means for Season of Arrivals, which will now extend to November 10. Beyond Light sets the stage for an incredible future in Destiny 2 and, though it’s coming later than we originally anticipated, we’re excited to continue that journey with you this November.

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