Making someone’s day extra-special

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Balding has caused me so much depression. So I went bald.

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Boomer humour but it's decent so here I am

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Sneakily helpful :)

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LPT Before getting a tattoo, make it your wallpaper first for at least a month.

You can assess how you feel about it over time, allowing you to make changes before finally getting it inked.

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TIFU by getting fully erect during an ultrasound on my balls

Forewarning: This is basically going to be a horny teenager story.

About two years ago, after my physical exam, my doctor recommended that I go get an ultrasound on my testicles because he felt a mass. I went to go get an ultrasound and it was a young male doctor and everything was fine. So I thought I knew what to expect.

My parents switched insurance and now I have a different doctor. A few days ago, I went for a physical and my doctor again recommended that I go for an ultrasound. The next day, I went to go get my ultrasound and to my surprise, a young female doctor (probably a resident since she looked 27-30 years old) called my name. She introduced herself and then said, "we're a bit short-staffed so I will be doing the ultrasound today." My heart started racing and I was confused because I expected a male doctor since it was a checkup for my balls and didn't really want to show another female my parts. Honestly, I would have been fine with an older female doctor but the issue with her was that she was very, very, VERY attractive. She was wearing a mask but she had a great face and eyes, small boobs, a slim waist, and a PHAT ass. inb4 all the comments "I dOn'T sEe A pRoBlEm," I'm a virgin male teenager with helicopter parents and ever since coronavirus, I don't get much privacy and probably haven't jacked off in 3 weeks. Now you kinda get the idea of where this is going.

We get into the room and she hands me a towel and instructs me how to use the towel to fold my penis up. The way she enunciated "penis" made my heart race and my head pound. She leaves the room to let me undress and I use the bathroom and see that I have a half-chub. I undress, lay down on the table, and probably went through 5 iterations of how to fold the towel over my dick to hide my half-chub. I'm laying there for a while (probably less than a minute but it seemed like 5 minutes) and reach for my phone and decide to browse Reddit while I wait. Unfortunately, the second post I scroll to is a highly upvoted post on the facefuck subreddit and I instantly go from half chub to full-blown boner. Fantastic! My mind was racing with how to get rid of it. I eventually settle on browsing buildapcsales to try to calm myself. Suddenly... knock knock! I immediately throw my phone to the chair next to me and grab both sides of the towel to pin my boner down.

I look down and could definitely see a bulge but think, "maybe she'll just think I have a massive flaccid dick." My mind wanders to porn mode as she sits down next to me and I start having absolutely ridiculous thoughts like "holy shit! She's going to blow me to help ease my nerves!" which does not help with the boner situation at all. I'm trying to think of the most unhorniest thoughts ever to try to control myself.

She starts by putting the gel on the probe and immediately gets to it. Upon contact, I think "Oh my god, this super hot doctor is touching my balls with a probe" and my boner is literally pulsing under the towel. I'm looking at her and she's mostly looking at her screen and typing so I reassure myself that she probably doesn't notice. "Perfect, she's not even looking at me, I'll just hold the towel down and this will be over with." After a bit of probing, she turns to me and says "now I need to go up your groin area a bit so I'm going to fold the towel up and push everything to the side like this." This all happens in slow motion. I see her hand slowly reaching for the bottom corner of the towel as she gently pries the towel from my death-grip and...... BOINGGGGGG! My fully erect dick springs up and launches the towel off, fully exposing me.

I honestly don't remember her reaction. I frantically looked at her, looked at my dick, quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped up my dick like a burrito, and for the rest of the examination, I laid there with both my hands holding my erect dick back and let her finish the ultrasound. As I'm writing this I realize I didn't even apologize to her. I was dead silent the rest of the time.

Thanks for reading my embarrassing story of the first female to see my fully erect dick. On a more serious note, I was wondering if other people who have gotten an ultrasound on their balls have also had female doctors do the ultrasound. Did you guys talk to the doctor while they were probing your balls? I'm honestly looking to hear more personal accounts from other people so I know what is "normal" and what to expect in the future if I ever have to get my balls checked out again.

TL;DR I went to go get an ultrasound on my balls and did not expect the doctor to be a HOT female doctor. Couldn't control my raging boner and accidentally exposed myself to her.

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r/LGBdroptheT is officially banned.

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When she finally gets it

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